Sunday, June 20, 2010

Is it live or is it Jondroid?

"The Internet is the LSD of the 90s."
That was a quote from the late Dr. Timothy Leary.  He said that of online activities and of course he said it back in the 1990s.  I am just now coming to discover the "truthiness" of that saying.  In my two months of daily blogging, researching and surfing, and steadfast Tweeting, I've come to enjoy my online life far more than my real one.  If not for my wife and dogs, what would be my incentive to return to the so-called "real world?"  Pay the bills for electricity and online connection of course, but beyond that?  It is such a near-perfect hallucinatory state and without the side effects of LSD.  Of course Leary might have said that side effects were half the fun.
We are all dependent to greater and lesser degrees on this digital connectivity.  And don't listen to what the Luddite says (the Singularity approaches, you chump!  Get in or get left out!)...this is not a bad thing.  Why wouldn't someone want to retain their cyber connection?  You can create the world here to your desires and it is no less "real" than the one you come from.  Here there are no criminal neighbors, no expectations I've failed to meet, and no dread-filled jobs.

Which got me thinking.  What if I could invent a gestalt?  A robotic extension of myself that I would name Jondroid?  It would go to my job for me and earn the paycheck.  What would be unfair about that?  Jondroid would be my property and the employer would essentially be renting it out from me for services.  If there were critical decisions it needed to make, perhaps there could be a neural interface where I would pop in from time to time and call the shots.  Then I could go back to what I want to do, like writing, reading...or more likely, staying online. Better yet, Jondroid could be given a multi-terabyte, self-evolving, neural network that would make all of its decisions in my best interest.  I could even have it fake emotions and do all of the stupid people networking and schmoozing for me.  Jondroid would then return to me at the end of the day to recharge and reprogram, then the whole thing would start over again.  Jondroid would be available for many other such acts of mindless drudgery, such as errands, visits to the DMV, and get-togethers involving my wife's friends.  This is all quite fanciful of course, but oh the time it would give me to read.

Speaking of reading, I spent this Sunday morning doing what I always do: reading and drinking coffee.  Heaven!  Oh yes, despite the disgusting, nearly post-apocalyptic heat, I still drink coffee.  I looked over all the books I have yet to read and find myself growing impatient.  As I've stated in previous posts, I wish I could jump in and consume them all at a rapid rate, but one at a time is all I really have time or ability for.  I've got science fiction I want to get to, such as William Gibson's Pattern Recognition and a space opera called Yamato that I picked up at a used book store.  I doubt that latter book as anything to do with the classic anime, Starblazers, but I'm still enthusiastic for it...for now.  On the UFO side, Friedman's Top Secret/MAJIC-12 and the Corso/Birnes collaboration of The Day After Roswell beckon to me. 

Father's Day marches on.  Yes, I celebrate it for I have a son and a daughter.  Granted, they both have four legs, excessive hair, and speech impediments, but I'll put their brain synapses up against the majority of the morons I meet any day of the week.  I've been drinking beer and watching the Cubs play.  Remarkably my team is doing quite well today, despite their schtooping of yesterday.  Yes, regardless of all my metrosexual geekiness, I do still have testosterone.  Later we will go to dinner with my father-in-law.  I should get a vegetarian pasta dish but darn it all if a grilled meat product isn't calling my name.  I wish it were not so and more than that I wish I were stronger to fight it.  I'll let you know how it goes after I get back.
But will it be me or will it be Jondroid??

P.S. Read through my usual Sunday Chicago Tribune and my outrage at BP was once more stoked by Hayward's Rio-esque yacht excursion (wait, that's giving him way too much credit.  Duran Duran have talent...and a conscience.)  I have a list of big businesses to boycott as they are all owned by BP.  I'm having second thoughts about publishing it though, as it could adversely affect the jobs of people who had nothing whatsoever to do with the oil spill.  Then again, there were innocent women and children adversely affected by the invasion of Afghanistan, but I wouldn't change my mind on that call, either.  I shall mull it over a bit more, dear Strangers.  When I'm ready to launch the strike, I'll post the list. 

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  1. Jondroid...Good one Jon. :)

    aaahhh...but we are all DROID, technically, according to the Matrix & The Strawwman Illusion.

    Several new posts on JediTheOne & DarkStar. Check it out.

    Later - DS888

  2. So I've been reading, DarkStar.
    I'm still trying to get my head around the concept, but I think that may be the point. The Powers That Be want things to be complicated so people end up giving up and going back to what is safe and familiar.

  3. Yes Jon, perfect. Now you are seeing awareness simply it blocks the trance & allows wisdom to come thought. it takes time, don't rush it.

    Have you been reading the illuminatiMATRIX doucuments?

    Make it easy on yourself, just use, as we say, "good old common sense with a little logic thrown in.

    Think about this. Hope, is nothing, because it's only hope, like a wish on a birthday, or the tooth fairy! If you worry, what get sick but the issues don't change. Action & responsiblity is what people need to follow, not the stupid rules of the Matrix, 3D corrupted world we live in. later my friend. D*

  4. @DarkStar - What do our Luciferian masters gain from enslaving us in this illusion? What is the purpose of this elaborate scheme? In "The Matrix" the purpose was to turn a human being into a biological energy source which was ridiculous because there would have been far better ways to obtain energy more efficiently if the concept were even plausible.

    @Jon - Jon, I think you are overlooking a simple rub in your Jondroid theory. What you describe would only work if you were the only person who could create such a droid and somehow kept this knowledge proprietary. As soon as your employer gained access to the technology independently of you, they would just obtain their own droid and goodbye paycheck. However yoyu could mass produce Jondroids and sell them to any number of companies and become a robotics manufacturer then head toward the "I, Robot" scenario where robots eventually go haywire.

  5. @David- I think that would be the least of my issues. In accordance with Murphy's Law, the Jondroid would eventually botch something up and I would be responsible as it would be acting on my behalf. Or its decision-making software would mistakenly get me involved in something horrendous. There are times when a decision based on pure logic is not the correct one.


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