Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hodgepodge Lodge

No real map for today's territories.  I am afraid you're about to be treated to another instance of me going off extempore into the crevices and ravines of our shared reality.

Went to a used book store today (Frugal Muse for those in or visiting the greater Chicago area. I recommend it to any bibliophile.)  Amongst my haul was The Day of Creation by J.G. Ballard.  Now for a moment of shame.  I've never read Ballard before.  Like a typical American, I did see a film based on his work, Empire of the Sun and I enjoyed it.  That's been the length and depth of my exposure to this author.  I now aim to correct that.  Also picked up Communion by Whitley Streiber.  I had read it wayyyy back in high school and thought I would look upon it with a fresh set of eyes now that I'm getting serious about Ufology.  And the absolute steal of the day was a Grendel: Black, White, and Red trade paperback for a mere $3. To celebrate I had tacos.

I long for Nevada and not just to see Area 51 or the bright lights of Vegas again.  The dry heat would be welcome right now, that is if I must have heat at all.  Chicago is taking on more of a Gulf Coast feel these days, complete with 90 degree heat, underwear-soaking humidity, daily thunderstorms, and a thriving mosquito community.  Let's hope we're not graced with the oil to match.  I've been listening to The Bangles cover of "Hazy Shade of Winter" to mentally induce the cooling of my core body temperature.  Might have to watch an old football game to seal the deal.

Gave ice cream to my dogs today.  First time ever, believe it or not.  Got them two miniature dishes of vanilla from the DQ and brought them home to their bowls.  Things rapidly degenerated from there to an episode of Wild Kingdom, as my two beasts mauled the "frozen pudding" as Monty Burns calls it, leaving behind only cracked plastic that was dry to the touch.  Hate to see what they'd do with a squirrel.

I've started a new short story called "On Gossamer Wings."  I can only give you the set-up right now: "He's found the perfect woman.  All she needs is a body."

The G20 summit is underway in Toronto. The nuclear facilities of both Iran and North Korea sustained a massive barrage of harsh rhetoric that surprisingly did minimal damage to either program.  North Korea was especially singled out for its all-but-proven sinking of a South Korean naval vessel last month.  The G8 attack came in the form of more verbal slaps on the wrist, a tactic employed once more since it has always worked in the past.  I'm just hoping we can make it through the summer without the Korean Peninsula glowing in the dark.

Then again, a group of psychics that guested Coast-to-Coast AM predicted "explosive military actions" for August, so maybe that means a strike on either North Korea or Iran.  I'll go out on a limb here...with two major conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan not ending any time soon, I will predict "explosive military actions" for each of the coming months of the year.  Call me crazy.

Speaking of the G20, I have a message for the mobs of protesters.  I understand your ire towards the industrialized nations of the world as they both oppress and marginalize developing nations in their own way.  You have every right to vocally oppose this.  But try to leave Toronto in good shape.  I love that city and there's a few restaurants I'd like to get back to.  Thanks.  Appreciate it.

Seriously, if you've been watching the news coverage like I have, you might have no clue why there are always protests other than to have an outlet for emo kids.  Small wonder as the media has focused almost exclusively on the violence in the streets as that brings in the viewers.  This page gives a thorough dissertation on just why these protests are taking place.  Agree with them or not, it's nice to at least know what's going on.

So when in blazes is that new Duran Duran record coming out?  We're well past mid-May and that's when Nick usually sets as a target date.

Yes, I feel old because I still call them "records" or "albums."


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