Friday, June 4, 2010

A dump of links

Here's a few interesting news stories I found on Coast-to-Coast AM:

Venus, Mars, and Saturn to align this week.  Get out and see the really bright show.  Wonder how many UFO reports this one will generate.

Pictures of an alien some guy took from his sofa.  I'll let you be the judge on this one.  Looks like a blurry avocado to me.

Coffee does not make the brain more alert.  Won't stop me from drinking it.  So there.  Fuckers.

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  1. Ok I get it. The Idiot with the picture of the Alien. Hmmm. You were being kind about the avacado. Looks like a badly grown autumn gord pulled from the garden to me. :)

    Yeah, I drink coffee in the late night, and I still fall asleep when really tired. Coffee does nothing other than a cheap ass buze. But I love the taste.

    The planets...Can't wait till 2012 to see this precieved 26,000 years alinement of all the planets of the solar symtem. Wonder if Pluto will still line-up now that it has been de-planet-fied (no such word, I know, just kidding). LOL

    You know that 2012 is really the year 2000 according to the most accurate calender on the planet, the Mayan Calender. It's accurate to within 33 sec over 1500 years. Note the number 33 is no coincidence. But the accuracy is truly stunning. - Take care.


  2. Off topic. This is the reason I came to your blog...what your prifile says, I liked a lot.

    You said..."What do I write? Science fiction mostly. What do I research? Unpopular things. The kind of stuff that ruins "respectable" careers."

    I agree. I loved Si-Fi from the time I was a little runt. Watched most good Si-Fi for years. Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Files until the 6th-7th season...then it started to suck. My interest was stronger for si-fi motion pictures & action films rather than TV but I enjoy both media. Also read and collected hundreds of comics (mostly Marvel Comics) as a kid & yes books too but not so much anymore. Now I read articles, post, vids, scan books, and will reserach just about anything.

    How about the original Outer Limits from the mid 60's. Yes, I'm aging, was born in the early 50's.

    As for unpopular we are right on the same wave length here to! :) Sorry to say this, but researching the unknown and unpopular can really have you falling-out-of-favor with friends, family, co-worker, etc... very fast.

    They don't like to really hear the truth once it's discovered because it moves them from their comfort zone of information (most of what people listen to from the media are lies that they believe are true) or it might distrube the trance state of HYPNOSIS so deeply ingrained within them. People need to awaken & be AWARE.

    Thank you for sharing your interests.

    Take care. DS888

    P.S. Have you ever listen to Max Igan. He is a friend I know from Queensland, Austraia. Check out his book....."Earths Forbidden Secrets".

    Also Max has serveral excellent vids exposing the New World Order (which is real & coming to you & me soon), Strawman Illusion as well as views & explaination of the Matrix we live in. Take a look and let me know what you thing.


    Oh, in case you haven't check it out yet and if you would like, here are the blogs I contribute to.


  3. Good blog Jon.

    Gazing at the verdant blur of mountains zipping by noiselessly as you ride on the Japanese Shinkansen (bullet train) is enough to make anyone fall in love with high-speed train travel. When you couple that appeal with concerns about energy consumption and global warming, a mass-transit rail system that can whisk passengers along at speeds in excess of 300 mph seems like an obvious solution to today's transportation woes.

    But high-speed railways are outsized mega projects with multi-billion-dollar budgets that can rival those of space programs. So constructing them isn't simply a matter of next-gen tech--it's also about money and political will. To wit, this year a magnetic levitation line planned for Munich, Germany, was squelched at the eleventh hour when officials balked at cost--not of the maglev setup itself but rather at the billions of dollars it would take to tunnel under the center of the city.

    Although so-called bullet trains in France can travel at speeds approaching 575 kilometers per hour, their adoption in the U.S. has been more local than express. Now, 140 years after the transcontinental railroad's nearly 2,900 kilometers of track first connected both U.S. coasts, a number of states are hoping for a second golden age of rail, this time fueled by the Obama administration's pledge of billions of stimulus dollars for high-speed railway development.

    More BULLSHIT. They have the technology to BUILD theses trains today. They travel in tubes, underground, underwater, in the air and at SPEEDs of up to 4000 mph (about 6500 kmph)...safely. Yes, were fucking with toys when we have the real; tools. No why they don't give it to us now? Well we need the NWO to reduce population to about 500,000 people. ThenThe wealth Elite ruling the world can now rebuild everything for us in an inslaved world and ideal society!!!

  4. OOOPS. I meant to put the comments I just made here, under your "I get around..I wish" post instead. :)


  5. @darkstar Sorry for the experiences you've had of "falling out of favor" just because you're interested in something. Consider Strange Horizons a "church" where you can set your spirit free and talk about any unorthodox subject you'd like.

    @jeditheone Welcome! And no problem on the posting location. I'm probably lucky just to get posts in the first place.
    I totally agree with you on the maglev train situation. I have an uncle who used to be an executive in the oil industry (at BP of all places!) and he has told me that all the technology for harnessing clean burning fuels and alternative energy exist. The Powers That Be just don't want to consider it because it would cost them too much...when they could easily be on the ground floor of a new industry and one day make just as much money. Yep. It's all about the money. The American Way.


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