Friday, June 25, 2010

The Lady Who Fell to Earth

I caught this a long while back and really had nowhere to go with it.  Now, thanks to Strange Horizons, the world can share in this ET-inspired fashion show that was featured in Vogue UK last Fall.

Lindsey might not have noticed the "slippery when wet" sign, but who needs cognitive reasoning when you're dressed in this fetching, wool, Pantone checkerboard
skirt combo by Christian Dior?  Sure to be a hit this fall, it's perfect for any Earthside shindig.  Astute alien watchers will notice that Lindsey is of the "Nordic" race, which means that hunky blonde men are on their way to get her saucer out of the ditch.  Mee-ow!  You go, girl!

Port of call: Kansas!  Ashley is ready to stir up the locals, first with a buzz in her UFO, then with her stunning body suit by Donna Karan.  Designed in part by Lady Gaga, the shoulder pads were based on Rodak from the Japanese TV classic, Space Giants.  Farmers, better lock up your sons!  Ashley has crossed the rainbow bridge and is on the prowl!

Only three words for this grass-green jacket by Chanel: dee-lish-us!  Ashley chose the outfit herself, excited by how the contours brought out the angled features of her human/gray hybrid face.  Whether she's stalking for a butt to probe on the Moors or just going out to mutilate the cattle, Ashley is dressed to kill.  Don't tell this extraterrestrial hottie you want gun control, Obamabitches! 

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  1. The last "alien" is brandishing an old 1940s or 50s single-shot rilfe of unknown caliber. In case of ET attack, can we REALLY expect them to be armed with such obsolete vintage weapons? Way cool...humans should be able to mop them up in a day or two.

  2. LOL!
    I am most heartened by that! That means even Will Smith should have the situation well in hand.


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