Monday, December 30, 2013

Mothman: or when the weird investigates YOU

Once more I turn to Nick Redfern.  This time, it is for his recent post on Mothman.  Or rather, what the Mothman case and other UFO matters might be doing to him. 

Or any of us.

The book The Mothman Prophecies by John Keel forever changed how I look at UFO cases.  On the surface, the Mothman incident seems like a case for cryptozoology.  Then, as it becomes more and more obvious that UFOs are playing a subtle role in the background of the Point Pleasant, West Virginia locale, you begin to question if Mothman might be an alien entity.  Then Keel takes the whole thing up and around the bend, describing principles of "thoughtforms," "tulpas," and beings that exist on the "superspectrum."

It might indeed be all in someone's head...just not in the way a skeptic would define it.  Were the incidents of The Mothman Prophecies thoughts made real?  Or perhaps was consciousness itself being acted upon by outside entities?  While investigating all of this, Keel asserted that the matter he was researching actually began to act on him.  This was dramatized in the film version of the book (a somewhat lackluster cinematic experience that is a poor substitute for the text but then isn't it always?  But I digress...)

In the referenced scene, Richard Gere plays John Klein, a character meant ostensibly as Keel, as he speaks on the phone with the enigmatic man known as Indrid Cold.  Cold describes all manner of things about Klein's hotel room, proving that Cold is either watching him or reading Klein's mind...or both.  Klein picks up a book and asks Cold to speak out loud what the third line of page 51 reads.  Cold does so.  Accurately.

While recently watching this film, Nick Redfern relates that he somehow felt compelled to check page 51 of two Mothman books he had recently acquired from Andy Colvin.  Colvin is a lifelong researcher of the Mothman case.  Anyway, Redfern checked page 51 of the first book.  The third line made direct mention of Indrid Cold.  Picking up the second book and turning to page 51, line three referenced the glowing red eyes of Mothman.

Not sure about the second case but the first might have weirded me out a bit.  I know, I know, when you have books nearby on the same subject matter as the film you're watching, what are the odds?  Pretty good I'd imagine.  Still, it is the compulsion itself that Redfern cites as the weirdness of the synchronicity.  As he states in the post:

"That, as I said, I felt specifically compelled to check out the two books at the very time I was watching the Klein-Cold phone conversation unfold, only made matters even stranger. I have to confess that while I have experienced quite a few things like this over the course of my time spent digging into matters of a supernatural nature, this one really stood out big-time for me.
Admittedly, I don’t have a clue as to why things like this happen. All I know for sure is that they do happen – and they happen time and time again. Maybe there is some sort of lesson to be learned, but, if so, for me it’s a presently unfathomable one. Perhaps it’s all down to some strange, paranormal force screwing with our minds for its own warped reasons."

I can honestly say that I've not had an experience such as the one just described.  That's probably a good thing.  Given the sheer amount I've read and written about UFOs combined with my science fiction writing (however unpublished), I seriously doubt anyone would believe me if I had an experience. I might not even be believed by members within the UFO community itself.  That aside, experiencing an encounter of such synchronicity might liven an otherwise bland existence where I bluff my way through while holding weak cards.

I suppose I'm open to it.

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