Tuesday, December 31, 2013

On the eve of consumption

It is another New Year's Eve.

I've never liked or even understood this holiday.  What is it I'm supposed to do again?  Given what one friend said to me in response to an NYE rant a few years back, I guess I'm supposed to consume.  At least that's what I derived from her "then I'll have a mojito for you at Second City tonight."

So we consume.  Get sozzled.  We're Americans.  It's what we do, right?'

To that purpose, I posted the above pic.  I found it randomly through a Google.  The site it's from appears to be an art blog, describing the pic thusly:

"our goddess of consumption
is lean and hungry
such goddess
is dangerous"

So there you have it.  Goddess of Consumption.   I don't know if it fits your definition of art, but I like it.  Sort of...pops.  It really is all things consumption or what we expect the consumer to be seen as.

This article from The Atlantic puts the night in a bit more perspective.   It describes the epicenter of NYE as:

"America's most iconic New Year's Eve celebration, the one that captures the attention of the whole country, has massive crowds gathering in New York City's most garish neighborhood, where they watch a large ball drop as C-list celebrities narrate on TV. The typical NYC dweller can't be lured to Times Square for dinner on an ordinary evening, so I can't imagine how pre-New Year's conversations go for those who attend. "Would you like to stand out in the freezing cold for hours with no place to sit or use the bathroom and drunks pressed against you on all sides?" "

As you might have suspected, this NYE is an especially difficult one for me.  Depression is hitting me hard and I'm uncertain and afraid.  I don't know what happens next or who will be with me or even who I really am anymore.

It's going to take more than a positive attitude to get through 2014.

And it will certainly take a hell of a lot more than consumption.

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