Tuesday, December 3, 2013

UFOs of the Mojave

Isolation brings weirdness.

That leaves the door open to UFOs.  I don't mean personal isolation, although I'm certain many would argue that produces certain mental factors.  No, I mean geographic isolation.  Lonely country roads, boggy bayous, locations such as Whitley Streiber's cabin in upstate New York, and so on and so forth.  Sightings of UFOs seemed at one point confined to such places (that is before mass sightings in urban areas like Phoenix and Chicago, but those are whole other stories.)  Fewer localities are more isolated than the Mojave Desert of California.

Paranormal investigator Betsey Lewis appeared on Coast to Coast AM not too long ago.  During her appearance on the show, she discussed how the Mojave area is a hotbed of UFO activity.  As seems to be the case with other areas of the American Southwest, the indigenous peoples of that part of California have stories and legends of "star beings." The Paiute speak of a race of beings that live in a vast system of caves in Death Valley (again, Mac Tonnies' Cryptoterrestrials?)  Lewis spoke of how her research suggests evidence for "ancient atomic bombs" that once detonated in the area.

All that talk aside, it was her account of the alleged abductions of Steve and Dawn Hess that got to me.

This led me to the book Searchers: A True Story by Ron Felber.  It gives the account of how Steve and Dawn Hess, a "normal" couple in most every regard, went camping in the Mojave Desert back in 1989.  During the night, they claimed to have seen numerous aerial phenomena, such as glowing red orbs traveling through and crisscrossing the sky.  Then these lights then moved into the Hess' camp.

Soon the couple found themselves surrounded by beings that were three feet in height and had "malevolent, glowing red eyes." They stared into the windows of the camper and seemed intent on getting to the couple.  And get to them they did.  As Dawn Hess is quoted from the book in the Amazon listing:

"They (the aliens) wanted everything we had ... everything ...our minds, our bodies, even our souls, I think. It was like they drew it out of us with a syringe ... every molecule. And it was painful and I thought we were going to die, or already had died and were being tortured in hell."

Since I haven't read the book, I don't know if Steve and Dawn were ever taken into a structured craft or UFO of any kind.  The described eyes of the supposed aliens are also a bit of a departure from the "abduction script."  However, Betsey Lewis mentioned that the beings were said to have a "hologram-like quality" to them with "translucent limbs." If this was a real incident, then this aspect of the UFO encounter does interest me very much.

Why?  Well, transhumanism.  Yes, yes, I'm still talking about it.  But consider this: I have said before that if we are steadily marching towards our own singularity, then advanced alien civilizations must have done so long ago.  The "hologram" look might be attributed to perhaps a "decloaking" of an invisibility shroud or the hallmark of another integration with technology.  Then again, it could be indicative of a "non-corporeal intelligence," entities that are much more metaphysical than extraterrestrial.   

I don't know.  What I can tell you is that I'll be adding Searchers to my ever-growing pile of books to read.  Even though it will likely scare the hell out of me just as Communion did back in the day.

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  1. Tonite I saw on paranormal witness, syfy show the story of Steve and Dawn Hess and their abduction. Right around the same time in October of 1989 I was driving back from Fontana, Ca to Long Beach area. Somewhere around 10 to 11 pm as I was driving I saw a large dark object blocking out the city lights to the left of the freeway. At first I thought it was helicopters flying in formation, but it didn't look right so I pulled over to the side of the freeway. What surprised me is the car in front of me did the same. I got out and instructed my 3boys to stay in the car and an old couple got out of the other car. We stood there and tried to figure out what we were seeing. Like I said it looked like helicopters but made no noise as close as the lights were to the freeway and us. Then I noticed there was a form to it, like a gigantic triangular shape. When you mentioned cloaking in your blog above, that is exactly the way I was seeing this. I was wondering why there wasn't bunches of people on the ground level checking this out. We were on a slightly elevated level, above this thing and I would guess not even a quarter of a mile from it, lots closer.
    There was no sound at all, the older couple didn't say anything even when I asked them what were they seeing. After about 5 I was getting pretty creeped out and very distinctly heard a voice in my head calmly and authoratatively tell me "You were not meant to see this!" Which really got me scared. The older couple rushed to get in their car and took off.
    I still stood by my car door ready to jump in in case anything happened.The ship or craft or whatever it was took off slowly, silently words the west and began a large curved bank until it was headed eastward words Palm Springs and the Mohave desert and blam! It went into hyper drive and shot out two reds the ElCajun pass in just a few seconds and then it was gone. Before it went in hyper drive I could see its shape because of the lights in the hills that were being blocked out.
    My oldest son was about 11 yrs old at the time and he said he could see the lights hovering, my middle son said he just remembers me pulling off the road and getting out, and my youngest was only about 5 and doesn't really remember. I told the lady I lived with as soon as we got home and she looked at me like I was crazy. After that I just didn't look into it or report it. I was in the middle of my child custody case and didn't want to look bonkers. Finally a few years back I reported my sighting on the Mufon site page.
    I wish I could contact the Hesses as my sighting may actually have been the one I saw heading to the desert that night. I still get the willies thinking about it


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