Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The alien spy

Nick Redfern finds the best stuff.

If you've been following ESE, then you should know who he is by now.  Nick is one of the best paranormal investigators out there when it comes to UFOs, alleged alien encounters, and many other forms of bizarre occurrences.  But for our purposes here today, I will be examining a case he recently wrote about for Mysterious Universe.  As I believe you will see, Nick likes a good story as much as I do.

The case took place in early 1974.  The location was the Marconi Space and Defense facility at Frimley, England.  A security guard at the base (and Nick is quick to caution that the story is relayed secondhand and the guard himself is the solitary witness to the alleged event) late one night caught sight of a bright blue light coming from beneath the door of a records storage room.  Said records likely contained technical specifications on British defense radar.  The guard opened the door to find the seek the source of the light.  Here's what he saw...

There was a humanoid alien being with gray skin and large black eyes sifting through the papers (yes, papers.  It was 1974 after all.) of a filing cabinet.  The blue light came from a helmet that the entity was wearing.  Upon being noticed, the alien dematerialized and vanished from sight.  The security guard suffered a total nervous collapse and was escorted by military police from the base, never to be seen again.  The source who relayed this claims to have overheard conversations between senior staff that included the following statements:

“We have no way of keeping these beings out; we just don’t know what to do next. If they can get in here, they can get in anywhere.”

So...aliens may have James Bond-like agents that are charged with acquiring defense secrets?

Oh boy is this great.

Naturally, the lack of evidence is quite problematic.  There is also a slight gap in logic.  Would an advanced civilization (or higher beings for that matter) really need to go in spy-like to determine the ins and outs of our defense technology?  It seems that there should be a way that they could acquire such information by remote means from transpontine space or dimensions.

Whatever the case, this is a good story and I'm glad Nick wrote about it.  All instincts do indeed cry to dismiss it without a second look, but then again put yourself in this situation:

You are the sole observer of an event.  There is no physical evidence to corroborate your story.  But it did happen. 

What then?

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