Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dulce: not the only game in town

Nick Redfern knows a few things about Dulce.

Which is why his book Keep Out! should be required reading on the subject and I wish I would have gotten to it much sooner in my research.

You see, my first introduction to the "secret base" component of UFO lore was...of course...Area 51 in 1988. It was there that the government was, at the very least, developing cutting edge stealth aircraft, futuristic tactical fighters, and perhaps even spacecraft. It was Valhalla for an aviation geek like me. Add in the fact that the base might house recovered UFOs and perhaps even their dead occupants and it just got better. I mean, what could top it?

Well, Dulce.

The tiny, remote town in New Mexico was the host of an ugly rash of cattle mutilations. Cows turned up dead, their bodies exsanguinated and their soft organs and glands removed. The ghastly job was done with bloodless surgical precision and within a very small window of time. Accompanying these crimes were numerous sightings of UFOs and black, unmarked helicopters. Rumors began to circulate that there was a top secret base inside Archuleta Mesa. Unlike Area 51, this base was under the control of aliens. So yeah, when I learned about Dulce, the Frankenstein-like genetic experiments in "Nightmare Hall," and the alleged firefight with aliens, Area 51 was pretty much topped.

As Redfern points out however, the rabbit hole doesn't even stop with Dulce. There are a number of rumored secret sites around the world. While the majority of these secure, undisclosed locations are military in nature, a few also harbor airs of mystique similar to Dulce, but in ways far weirder and more paranormal even than UFOs. Redfern cites Camp Hero, also known as Montauk Air Force Station, which can be found on the far tip of Long Island in New York. This installation is said to be involved with research into mind control, time travel, and interdimensional contact. Back in World War II, the facility is said to have been working on an invisibility cloak which led to the eventual story of the Philadelphia Experiment.

What's more, this location and the nearby Plum Island research center are said to be engaged in genetic experiments similar to those at Dulce. Cryptid, chimera-looking creatures have washed up dead on the shores of New York and New Jersey. While most of these cases have been explained as natural organisms that had lost enough hair or skin to make them look bizarre, a bit of doubt still lingers. It's not at all outside the realm of possibility that our government is conducting secret experiments into biological warfare or modifying organisms. Why would they engage in the latter? Probably for no other reason than just to see if we can do it.

It is natural for allegations of the paranormal to arise around secret installations. Secrecy, and the prestidigitation carried out by our government to maintain the secrecy, creates a vacuum and the naturally creative human mind tends to fill that vacuum. It certainly seems that has happened with Area 51, it has probably happened with Montauk, and it is likely at the root of Dulce.

But just because you're paranoid doesn't mean it's completely false.

More to come...  

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