Tuesday, July 7, 2015

No aliens? Just saw one in the mirror.

Loving the alien.

Plans for Dulce continue.

Not everyone I wish to interview has gotten back to me, but at the same time I have found others I can to talk to. One of them is named Anthony Sanchez. He is the author of the book UFO Highway.

This book goes into a number of well-tread subjects of UFO mythos. Beyond the sightings, Sanchez discusses government conspiracies, collusion with extraterrestrials, abduction, hybridization, and the story of Dulce. It is on that latter point where Sanchez's account makes a departure.

Sanchez writes that a firefight at Dulce happened as early as 1940. A detachment of soldiers from Muroc Air Force Base explored the natural caverns and tunnels said to be beneath Mt. Archuletta. Reportedly the purpose of this mission was to find a secret location to begin development of the atomic bomb (pre Los Alamos and the Trinity site). What they found was a hive of alien activity transpiring beneath our land if not our noses. Combat ensued with losses on both sides, just as is said to have happened in Dulce in 1979.

Hell, according to what I've been reading about this book, the 1940 battle wasn't even the first as the Jicarilla Apache went into the caves to strike at the alien interlopers. Held their own from what it says.

Obviously I have not yet read the text and I need to interview Anthony Sanchez. I'll just stack that on my list of other things to do with this crazy project. I say crazy because I'm doubting myself.

After 38 years, why do I still insist on pursuing the subject of UFO phenomena? I have gained little from it, aside from alienation (no pun intended) from others, even loves. Once this research gets out in a serious way, it will likely bring professional  and academic derision as well. Why do I do it?

Self-loathing? Masochism with roots in my Catholic guilt? Or am I just being true to myself and know no other way? Among all the mysteries I wish to explore on this journey, I think I want an answer to that one the most.

If anyone has a lead on how I can get myself uploaded, please pass the info along. I'm thinking it might solve a few things.

Little reflection on life: if you at any point feel like you are on top of the world and that everything is going your way, "the fisc of good times," enjoy it.

It probably won't last long.

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