Monday, July 20, 2015

The UFOs of Dulce

Yes, that's a UFO from the TV show, The Invaders.

Well, I'm back from Dulce. See any of my previous six posts for more details on that.

While I encountered many fascinating things, most notably the people of the Jicarilla Apache Nation and the various substrates of the Paul Bennewitz saga, everyone wants to know what strange sights and experiences were described to me and what I might have seen myself. In other words, where are the UFOs?

I will relate a few of the stories I heard, but I need to make clear the point of view of the people of the community: yes, they are seeing these things. But it is not who they are. It's just a fact of life in the region. As Hoyt Velarde, one of my interviews, said with a shrug, "It's up there, we're down here, what can we do about it?" This is not something that they focus on.

That being said, here are cases I came across on the adventure:

-"My sister-in-law saw flying saucers, actual, stereotypical flying saucers, rise up out of the valley and go past the house. In broad daylight."

-"It was a black triangle. Rounded at the points with a light at each. Red one in the center. Looking at it from the side, it looked like a rectangle with light "windows." Didn't make a sound."

-"Talk to [name redacted]. He was in a school bus in Lumberton [a town just to the east of Dulce]. The whole bus full of kids watched a disc-shaped UFO approach them. The bus driver floored it and got them out of there."

-"It was at night and I was parked at an overlook. Two discs came up the valley, side by side. The moon was full and you could see perfect shadows of these things on the trees below. They moved at the exact same speed. Then as they passed over, I saw that they were connected by a cylinder."

-"It had a sort of hourglass shape but was on its side. The circular ends were silver while the band in the middle was dark."

-"Something fell from the sky that night. We went out, afraid that it would start a forest fire, but couldn't find whatever it was. Then we heard a plane overhead but saw no lights. But we could hear it, hear it getting closer. I turned on the light on the side of the truck and it hit the plane as it went by. It was a C-130, flying circles like it was looking for something. Next morning we found tracks. I recognized them as being tires on Army trucks and Humvees. Only thing in the news was about a meteor that hit near here. They don't go searching around like that for a meteor."

Did I see anything in the sidereal sky?

Do you really think I'm telling you that before you buy the book?

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