Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yukon UFO

There is a rather intriguing UFO case that I first heard about on a television program.

Just which show it was I can't remember. It's not like there is any shortage of UFO-related programming bouncing about the airwaves these days, not all of them created equal. Anyway, this particular case involved multiple witnesses and an object much larger than usually encountered in a typical sighting. You can read a bit more about it here, but watch out for the lightning bolts. That's what I call exclamation points and the writer of that post seems particularly enamored of that punctuation, something of a stylistic red flag for me in composition. But that's my own pet peeve in writing guessed it...I digress.

It happened nearly 20 years ago in the Yukon. As you probably know, that's a fairly cold and isolated area, but this sighting involved at least 20 people. The first to see the object were motorists on a roadway. They observed a UFO in the night sky hovering over the Fox Lake area. These motorists described the object as being immense in size and covered in lights. The image above was drawn based upon these accounts. Naturally, the drivers slammed on their brakes and stopped to watch this craft pass directly overhead in silence. The UFO then moved on over a hill and out of sight.

Residents of a small town (like there is any other kind in the Yukon, which is filled with saxicoline communities) then caught sight of the object. At one point, a witness in that town directed the beam of his flashlight towards the UFO. The craft seemed to respond to the flashlight by moving towards him at an accelerated speed. The man in question turned off the light and the object stopped. The UFO then emitted a number of beams of light of its own, including one that swept along the ground in a scanning fashion. This witness, like the motorists, also watched the object pass directly overhead and he claims that the craft filled the entire sky from his vantage point, blotting out the stars.

I am uncertain just what else there is for this case in terms of evidence. The linked article is not especially great, especially when it lapses into fanboy-like drooling over the sighting and the bouncing about of terms such as "mothership" along with allusions to Close Encounters of the Third Kind. So I decided to do a bit more digging around, even if it was a cursory Google. What do you want? It's late after a long day but you're still getting a blog post. You're welcome.

I kid. I kid.

Anyway, Bad UFOs has an alternate explanation that now seems more attractive to me. The "massive UFO" was in actuality a booster rocket re-entering the atmosphere, causing streaks of light in the night sky. Since this debris occupied a large swath of the visible sky, at least to a viewer's perspective, it might well have looked like the stars were being blotted out. The blogger at Bad UFOs says that any other anecdotal claims, such as the flashlight response or car engines failing, were entirely in the minds of the observers. I'm not quite ready to go that far, especially when there were those who reported an actual, structured craft, but facts are facts. There is no solid evidence for the claims, simply stories. And the booster rocket theory dovetails mathematically with an actual, documented re-entry.

I pledge to keep reading up on this incident and to keep you posted here, but for now I think I must tentatively side with Bad UFOs. This one has most likely been solved.

Most likely, anyway.

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