Monday, October 10, 2016

An appreciation: "Roam" by The B-52s

A part of me has always wanted to be a music journalist.

Seems that the only way I will be able to live that out at this stage of the game is right here on the pages of ESE. So tonight I present to you, "Roam" by The B-52s.

Not only is this a fun, well-produced song by Nile Rodgers, the video is a great work of montage. Remember when videos used to be art? Sort of, anyway? At least more than they are now? Well, this video is a fine example. Just look at all the overlaid images and the blending of stock footage. It looks like Banana Republic and Pier One Imports threw up all over the screen, but the band and the director play it up for comedic effect. Speaking of the director, I was unable to find his or her name. There are earmarks of Tarsem and Gus Van Sant, but this video did not appear on either artist's CV.

Speaking of overlaid images, I remember when my friends and I saw it the first time. We had an audible and excitable gasp at the occult image that floated by in the beginning, which really isn't any big deal and likely has multiple meanings. Now, the images that would likely cause the most stir are the ancient idols and statuary pieces. I can see Giorgio barging the set right now, shouting "Aliens!"

Note the symbolism of the banana going through the bagel. Hard to miss. Also, the song's title in conjunction with the lyric "around the world" are said to have a certain sexual connotation. I'll let you Google that.

More than anything, the video is worth it for the facial expressions of Fred Schneider. As he isn't singing on this song, he is free to simply "roam" and be a goof. Of particular note is the spot at almost exactly one minute in where Fred jumps down amidst all these guys and joins them in a dance.

Gotta love that guy.

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