Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Blade Runner artfully rendered in Microsoft Paint

Blade Runner is already a work of art in my opinion.

It will only be more so now thanks to MS Paint and an inspired man named David MacGowan. On his Tumblr page, MSP Blade Runner, MacGowan is reproducing one of my favorite films shot-for-shot in MS Paint. Yes, it looks crude. It reminds me of something a first grader might finger paint and then bring home for mom to pin up somewhere. That is by no means derogatory towards MacGowan. In fact I mean it in the opposite.

There is a wonderful charm in this. It reminds me of when I first attempted such artwork in a similar software program, far more years ago than I care to admit. What MacGowan is doing is weird and wonderful and I'm really rather in awe of it. I certainly would never attempt something so herculean. I would also be most apprehensive about how I handled the source material, so the man's got guts I'd say. Even with my reverence for the film, I don't know if I could hold back from going all harum-scarum into the shots and adding little extras like the Vertipod or other forms of proposed future transportation.

No I wouldn't. Just look at the rendition of the police "Spinner." It's perfect as it is.

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