Tuesday, October 11, 2016

UFO artwork

By that headline, I don't mean paintings of someone's spiritualized conception of aliens coming out of saucers.

I mean the sketches and drawings of UFO witnesses. Over at UFO Evidence, you can find a directory of such depictions. I'm currently taking a break from the monotony of grading papers and sifting through said collection.

While I am fully sympathetic to the fact that not all UFO witnesses are artists and the purpose of the gallery is not meant as a showcase or one-upmanship of artistic ability, a few of these depictions are better than others, even if for sheer entertainment value. For example, I find this sketch of a sighting in Astoria, Oregon to have a rather whimsical quality. It harks back to the days of the classic flying saucer, an era I might find deceptively simpler. Others carry a more modern sensibility, being all computer generated. Clearer depictions and I'm sure they are more helpful for investigators, but the renditions themselves are left soulless. And I don't often say that about tech art.

Of course the entries that really grab my attention carry the tag "humanoid/occupant." For example, this case from Singapore. At two-feet tall, the little guy seems kinda fun. Of course they all look cute until they whip out a probe.

Hey look. There's a section for famous, major cases. In terms of art, I especially like this depiction of the Socorro case. If UFOs are your bailiwick, you no doubt know of what I write. Pretty close to what Zammora described seeing, too. That case will actually figure in tangentially to my Dulce book.

Check out this one from Poland! It likewise has depictions of humanoid occupants, but they are far from the typical "Grays." These are space-suited with Darth Vader-like control panels over their chests. Oh and just look at the accompanying colored sketch of the craft. It's like something I would have done in grade school...only far crisper and more defined. I by no means intend that remark as an insult. What I mean is that it takes me back to happier times.

For this is not simply UFO research...it can be art as well.


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