Friday, February 4, 2011

Controversial modern scultpure

(photo is from Village of Joy)

Sculpture.  It is not an art form that immediately comes to mind in our digital age and yet...and yet...whenever there is a garden, a park, or other such form of urban beautification taking place, one of the first items requisitioned it seems is a sculpture.
What minimal (and I stress minimal) artwork I've done with sculpting has been great fun.  Mind you it was all with Sculpy and modeling clay, but I really did enjoy cutting away the excess to allow the sculpture to emerge free, to paraphrase Michelangelo.  But what I have done, nay, what the majority of modern sculptors have rendered, pale in comparison to the achievements that I found on Village of Joy.

In their posting, "Controversial Sculpture By David Cerny," I found the very art of sculpture brought about in public displays that I could never have conceived.  The above installation is an example of this Czech artist's work and quite frankly, it's among the tamer ones I could post on here.  Click the link and browse through his work.  Among my favorites are the gigantic asses that you can stick your head into and see a video of two Czech politicians feeding slop to one another as Queen's "We Are The Champions" plays in the background.  Cerny must be a genius with magnetic poetry.  If your taste in art tends towards the more disturbing, take a look at the Zizkov TV Tower.  It has faceless babies crawling on it.  The car with legs has a certain aesthetic appeal to it as well.

I support anything creative.  It is truly an act of daring to compose a work of art, whether it is a book, a drawing, a painting, or a sculpture and then take that leap into the unknown by putting out in the world and seeing if it can stand up.  To the conservative palate of most of America, I'm sure many of these sculptures are offensive.  I like 'em.  They're far from blase and ordinary, they entertain, they spark discussion, and they are created with what I believe to be a genuinely artistic eye.  Too bad we will never see their like on these shores.

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