Monday, February 28, 2011

Firefighters' manual deals with UFOs

Given the mainstream viewpoint on the mere word "UFO" and the governmental control of information of the subject, many who study the phenomenon will take any little shred of affirmation they can get.  A slight bit of respectability comes from an official government document called The Fire Officer's Guide to Disaster Control.

This guidebook can be found in fire stations across the nation.  It was written by two former fire chiefs and covers all manner of disaster scenarios that might befall a firefighter.  The book includes house fires, fires in multi-story high rises (think Towering Inferno), floods, and one interesting chapter entitled "Enemy Attack and UFO Potential."
Just what should firemen be aware of when approaching a crashed or landed UFO?  This guide advises that first responders may have engine trouble when approaching the scene, that radio contact may be lost with dispatch, and that portable generators may malfunction.  The text speaks of instances where UFOs have caused malfunctions in the avionics of aircraft.  Presumably this is included as a warning to the crew of fire department helicopters and other aircraft deployed.  The chapter even delves into how to treat injured aliens (as best as a layman would know how, anyway) as well as warning the dangers of radiation exposure.  One online source claims to post the actual chapter in its entirety, showing that the segment kicks off with a brief description of that seminal UFO event now known as "The Battle of Los Angeles" (nothing to do with the upcoming film.)  Most of all, the authors of the manual stress that real or not, UFO matters harbor the potential to cause widespread panic, injury, and death. 

It truly is in the best interest of the military, police departments, and firefighters to compose plans for every scenario.  As good ol' Murphy's Law states: "anything that can go wrong, will."  That said, I feel fairly confident that those governmental organizations only invest time and effort into planning for events that stand any kind of likelihood of coming to pass.  I can't imagine there is much time being spent on preparations for a caribou revolt, even if the caribou have every right to do so should Sarah Palin be elected President (shudder).  Therefore, someone on a level of authority believes that firefighters stand at least a chance of one day dealing with the UFO subject. 
That to me, speaks volumes.

Here is a news clip on the subject.

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