Sunday, February 27, 2011

The sprinkler rainbow conspiracy

Oh this is too good to pass up.
I am hoping...hoping beyond frakkin' hope that this is a mere set-up.  For if it is, then it is an utterly hilarious bit of satire. If it's not, then all hope for this nation is now lost.  Perhaps we can blame it on HAARP melting our minds?  Here's the vid:

This is a marvelous example of how far beyond the pale conspiracy theories can be taken at times.  Not even Occam's Razor can seem to cut through the many entangled strands of plots and hidden connections.  It's a bit like bread.  After all, many alleged members of the New World Order have been sighted eating various and mixed forms of bread.  Therefore, bread must in one insidious way or another figure into the plots of these shrewd tacticians.  One moment they're eating bread, the next their ordering major television networks to distort the truth about alien implants.  The bastards.
And just what else indeed may come gurgling out of our ground?

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