Wednesday, June 27, 2012

For the Moon is hollow...

The greatest UFO hangs in our sky every night.

So goes the “artificial Moon” theory.  Of all the out-there, really nutty theories this one is my favorite.  Well, tied with the “Hollow Earth” theory, that is to say.  Simply put, the theory goes that our Moon is not a natural body at all.  It is a spacecraft orbiting our planet.  No, I’m not making this up.  For more on the theory, I went straight to the book where I first read of it.  That text being The Alien Agenda by Jim Marrs.  Here are the anomalies that artificial Moon proponents cite (as stated in Marrs):

-The Moon is said to be older than both the Earth and the Sun.  There are even those who argue that the Moon’s true age is 4.5 billion years, making it older than the solar system itself.

-Seismographs from the Apollo missions have registered several “moonquakes.”  These quakes produced identical seismograph readings.  This is geologically impossible…unless the quakes were the result of a broken hull plate in a spacecraft, shifting below the surface.

-There is evidence to suggest that the Moon is hollow.  Apollo 12 dropped an ascent stage rocket back down to the lunar surface as it blasted off from the landing site.  Readings stated that the impact “rang like a bell.”  “In all our experience, it’s quite an extraordinary event,” a source was quoted as saying. (Marrs, p. 8)  Is the Moon hollow?  If so, that would appear to contradict science.  “A natural satellite cannot be a hollow object,” said Carl Sagan.

-There is a perplexing question as to where exactly the Moon came from in the first place.  Astronomy believes the Moon to have been born from a collision between the Earth and a larger body.  If that is the case, where is the debris field?  Another theory goes that the Earth’s gravitational pull attracted the Moon into its current orbit.  Isaac Asimov dissented, stating that the Moon is “too big to have been captured.”

-There are those who claim to have observed numerous anomalies on the lunar surface.  A “black cloud” was observed moving across the Moon on separate occasions in 1959, 1964, and 1967 (not to be snarky, but why couldn’t it have been a cloud in our own atmosphere?)  In 1953, John O’Neill reported in the New York Herald Tribune that he had spotted a bridge-like structure across one of the Moon’s craters.

-That’s not the only structure said to have been spotted.  Others have reported domed objects, lit craters, vehicle tracks, and formations known as “The Shard” and “The Tower,” the kind of features that proponents love to point to and gasp “no way that can be natural.”  Sort of like the “face” on Mars.  Coincidentally, pyramids, obelisks, and geometric patterns have been seen on the Moon as they have been on Mars.  Artificial Moon supporters even argue that the real purpose of the Apollo missions was to visit these ruins and artifacts.

If the Moon is an alien spacecraft, it certainly is an odd one, what with all of the dust, craters, and now water on its surface.  Supporters of the theory claim that such an appearance is the result of billions of years of space travel.  Might make sense, I suppose. 

That is if I bought the whole idea of the Moon being a spaceship.  I will say that there are enough anomalies on the lunar surface to at least raise the question of whether or not the Moon has been visited by intelligences other than our own.  Let’s face it; the Moon would make a dandy base of operations from which to observe the Earth.  It’s relatively nearby and it is (as far as we can tell) devoid of prying eyes.

That question, however, is a long way from supporting the idea of our “lonely satellite” being a spacecraft for aliens.

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