Thursday, June 14, 2012

Strange days indeed...

Right now, there must a gaggle of fundies thumbing through the Bible, just trying to find where in Revelations both of these stories fit.

A town in India was attacked last month by a swarm of spiders.   And I mean big ones or so it was reported.  They were similar to tarantulas and were said to be highly aggressive.  Attacking during a Hindu festival, the spiders jumped onto people, biting them and sending several of the victims to the hospital.  Two village residents were even said to have died from the attacks.  Feeling under siege, municipal officials requested that everyone remain indoors while they considered spraying the town with insecticide.

Before you begin tucking your pants into your socks, a team of scientists from Dibrugarh University visited the town to investigate what had happened.  They found spiders, but they were “ordinary spiders” and the two reported deaths turned out not to be spider-related at all.  Tests on the acquired spiders are still ongoing so we will see if anything comes of this event.  Most likely, it was a case of a larger-than-normal grouping of spiders and a few bites.   This was then magnified by rumor.

To the north in China, weird things are likewise occurring.  The city of Wuhan has become covered in a mysterious yellow haze.  Children, the elderly, and people with respiratory problems have all been told to remain indoors.  Those venturing out are wearing masks.
So basically, anybody who needs to breathe is having a bad time right about now.

State officials are blaming it on farmers burning straw.  Authorities in foreign embassies aren't so sure.  They're advising their staff to remain indoors until this...whatever it is...clears. China is well known as having severe problems with polluted air.  Yeah, you want to see what a nation looks like with no environmental regulations for its industries and corporations?  Just look at China.  This "yellow fog" phenomenon is no doubt derived from larger environmental concerns.  The nature of them is at this moment, imponderable.

Like I said, strange days indeed.  Most peculiar mama.

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