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The UFO-Bigfoot connection

“Two great things that go great together…”

Or so the jingle goes.  For those of us who hunt The Weird and High Strangeness, such a combo deal might be Bigfoot with UFOs.

That’s right.  Jeffery Pritchett, ace weird hunter and host of The Church of Mabus radio show, had an article that showed up on Coast-To-Coast AM recently in which he interviewed Stan Gordon, another writer and researcher of some renown in Fortean circles.  Gordon put forth the idea that the phenomena of UFOs and Bigfoot…or “Sasquatch” or whatever you prefer to call such hairy bipedal cryptids…might actually be interconnected.  My gut instinct was to dismiss this notion but then I remembered one of the “kid version” paranormal books that I read in my youth.  An entire chapter was devoted to just this linkage.

Obviously that’s not a ringing endorsement for authenticity, but it was enough for me to keep reading.

In his book, Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook, Gordon outlines cases he investigated during the 1970s where both Bigfoot and UFOs sightings took place at the same time in the same general area.  Indeed records of sightings do bear out that Pennsylvania experienced a rather hefty wave of UFO sightings during that era.  Of immediate interest are the incidents wherein Bigfoot and UFOs were actually sighted together.  One case that Gordon cites entailed a UFO landing outside of a town while two Sasquatch-like beings stood nearby.  The object left the scene and the creatures headed back into the woods.   A police officer who later investigated the scene was said to have found a glowing patch on the ground where the UFO had landed.

Gordon himself confesses that he would be skeptical to hear this now…had he in fact not investigated the reports.  In fact, he makes quite clear that such tandem sightings are rare, making them a rarity within a rarity.  As he says in the interview:

“Let me stress again, most UFO incidents do not involve a Bigfoot creature, and most Bigfoot cases do not have a UFO observation associated with it. Most witnesses that we interviewed had no prior interest in such unusual matters. In some cases those involved asked us why the strange lights and the creatures seemed to show up at about the same time.”

What few cases there are of this kind, appear to mimic standard UFO lore, only substituting large, apelike creatures for the ubiquitous and diminutive Greys.  Meaning, Sasquatches exiting landed UFOs and the like.  Yet this also wanders into a few of the more offbeat Bigfoot sightings as well, again rendering them rarities among rarities. 

For example, Gordon talks of a case where a woman shot at a hairy, Bigfoot-like creature at close range with her shotgun, only to have the creature vanish completely in a flash of light.  Other cases involve the sighting of flashing, aerial lights followed by a Sasquatch emerging from the treeline.

While my jury is out…way out…on these cases while awaiting more evidence, I can’t help but muse and think that a UFO-Bigfoot connection might solve certain problems.  The case of Bigfoot is really rather lacking in evidence, primarily in terms of a fossil or other physical specimen.  If the creature is extradimensional or extraterrestrial in nature, that might account for the absence of such evidence.  There have been Bigfoot researchers who have sworn that they had a creature penned in to a canyon or a ravine, only to find no trace of it.  As if it had suddenly vanished.  Something that can move between dimensions could enact such a feat.
Is Bigfoot more than a cryptid? 

Jeffery Pritchett believes the creatures to be the Nephilim of the Bible.  Ancient Astronaut theorists conjecture that Bigfoot was created genetically by aliens to serve as a workforce.  Face it.  You could get a lot of heavy lifting done if you had a team of Sasquatch at your disposal.  Or are the Sasquatch aliens themselves?  Our own human experience/prejudice tells us that big and hairy=not smart, not technologically advanced.  Need that be true of all life in the universe?  Perhaps more simply, maybe UFO occupants are just interested in the large, hairy, apelike creatures in our wilderness.  After all, we are.

Please don’t confuse my conjecture with belief.  I’m still awaiting more evidence.  It’s a lot of fun to ruminate upon and I just love it when Fortean memes merge into a tasty combination.

Just like chocolate and peanut butter.

You can check out Stan Gordon's web page here.

Also, please visit Jeffery Pritchett and Church of Mabus, I highly recommend it.

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