Friday, June 8, 2012

Missile test prompts UFO sightings

Once again, a spiral of light has appeared in the sky.

Once again, it’s being blamed on a Russian missile test.  This does not, however, stop numerous allegations of UFO activity. 

On the night of June 7th, a spiral was widely seen across the skies of the Middle East.  I know.  Like they don’t have enough problems, right?  Anyway, the Russian military announced that it had conducted a successful test of a new ICBM.  The spiral effect is caused by a jettisoned second or third stage spinning away free or so they say.  An official of the Israeli Astronomical Association said that the missile "most likely spun out of control, and its remnants and the fuel was what people saw."

It’s happened before.  In 2009, yet another Russian missile test created a nearly identical spiral in the skies over Norway, prompting numerous UFO sightings.  Then in 2010 it was a SpaceX rocket over Australia causing the flap.

I feel fairly comfortable in throwing my agreement in with the official explanations.  That said and I really don’t mean to divulse from my position, I cannot really blame people in this case for believing they saw a UFO.  Look at the photos on the linked pages.  I have never seen anything like that in the night sky before and had I witnessed the spirals, my thoughts could not help but wander to those of UFOs.  Or more than that, perhaps a particle beam test.  Already there are conspiracy buffs claiming that it was no missile or rocket nor was it a UFO.  It was HAARP being tested or even better, “Project Blue Beam.”

That concept is a conspiracy theory wherein NASA partners with the Antichrist so as to bring about a New World Order in which the majority of us are enslaved.  As I’ve pointed out previously, Duran Duran doubtlessly know all about this, but I digress…
The Project involves using high technology to simulate numerous UFO sightings, the Christian Rapture, and an alien invasion.  Oh boy is this great!  This is a blog post in and of itself.  Or a novel.  Yeah!  A novel!  Then again, I’ve been scooped in fewer respects.  The entire conspiracy theory has its genesis in Gene Roddenberry’s initial draft of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  Then again, with a few tweaks…

Anyway, the spiral is a weapons test, just not of the kind that conspiracy buffs suspect.  It also isn’t a UFO so we’ve got this one solved.  The field of Ufology needs to keep its attention on critical cases.

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