Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My introduction to David Adair

One of my students wrote a paper on Area 51.

"I've been there," I told him.  "Or as close as a civilian can get, anyway.
"No way!" he replied.
Smartphone out, I showed him the pics.
"David Adair," the freshman said to me.  "Look him up on YouTube and watch his interviews.  You'll be convinced about UFOs."

So I did, not that I needed too much convincing.  I watched this video interview.
David Adair is from Ohio originally.  He has a low tenor voice pitched towards the higher end.  There's a hint of what a few might call a Southern drawl in there, but I know from family that it's really rural Ohio.  All told, he sounds a little like that character on Family Guy, the one with too many items at the supermarket check-out and who, as a bee, "done stung himself."  But I digress...

David Adair was a gifted young man who loved to build model rockets.  At age 17, he claims to have built a large scale rocket with a fusion containment engine. Adair describes his fusion engine as being "like a chunk of the sun held in a magnetic bottle."  He built the rocket with funds from a federal grant and the finished product earned him a meeting with the legendary general, Cutris LeMay, commander of the Strategic Air Command, arguably the most important asset in America's military at the time.  The rocket, according to Adair's interview, took off faster than could be seen, "like trying to watch a bullet leave a rifle."

This brought young, 17 year-old Adair to Area 51.  In an underground section of the secret facility, he was shown an engine "about the size of a school bus." Here, right around the six minute mark I believe, is where this really ethereal music kicks in.  I kinda like it.

Adair describes the innards of the engine as feeling like a "frog belly" to the touch.  "I don't know if people played with frog bellies, but I did," he says.  Anyway, the surface looked wet and slimy but was smoother to the touch.  Weirder still, it reacts to his touch.  Eventually, Adair begins to realize that this is no propulsion system from Earth.  It is the drive system from a recovered UFO.  

Adair offers his thesis that it was a symbiotic engine.  The engine is alive.  The tubing around it resembles a nervous system, implying that the craft is directed by thoughts.  Somewhat testily, Adair defends this notion, citing that Dr. Robert Jahn at Princeton University has been contracted to devise "mental shielding" for the F-22 fighter, implying that the F-22 is operated by the thoughts of its pilot.  "It's like 'Foxfire' with Clint Eastwood," he says, meaning the film Firefox, I presume.

Still, there were understandable questions.  Everyone wanted to know, "Hey Dave.  How'd you come up with fusion engine for your rocket?" Adair answered that all of the mathematics for it came to him through dreams.  So intricate were the equations he was receiving "behind the wall of sleep" as Lovecraft might say, that those he showed them to compared the formulas to those of Stephen Hawking.  This earned him a meeting with the world renowned astrophysicist.  Not only did he meet him, but Adair even corrected Dr. Hawking's own equations in a moment that sounds oddly similar to the film The Day the Earth Stood Still.  But that's how it went in Adair's account of when he met Hawking, or "Steffen Hawkins" as Adair pronounced the name.

But where were these dreams coming from?  Signals, perhaps?  "I'm not saying it was aliens...but it was aliens."

In time, David Adair fell in with UFO researcher, Dr. Steven Greer and the organization, CSETI.  Adair was swayed that public perception of the UFO phenomenon was headed more towards the positive end of the spectrum and that he would not be ridiculed for speaking out about his experiences.  Together, Greer and Adair testified before Congress, relating their experiences and pressing for an end to UFO secrecy.  Or so Adair says.

My other favorite tidbits from the interview are when Adair asserts that the producers of Independence Day got the look of Area 51 down almost exactly right.  Also, Adair deciphered the meaning behind the alien "hieroglyphic" language found at Roswell.  While not claiming to know the language, he does understand what it meant in the context of the engine he examined: it was nothing more than serial numbers for parts.

Oh boy, where to start?  First off, I found a message board where someone said they checked public record and no Greer, no CSETI, and no Adair testified in Congress.  At least not in the past 15 years or so.  I have not done the checking myself, but this seems like something that would make news.  There is evidence to indicate that a group named CSETI had a lobbying appointment, but that's a far cry from "testifying."  This is one of many reasons why Greer seems to be a contentious figure in UFO circles.

Adair is correct about there being a Dr. Robert Jahn at Princeton who is an aerospace expert and has worked with the dynamics of how humans and machines interface, but as far as I know, the F-22 is not operated by mental waves.  At least not yet.  Actually, they seem to be having a problem keeping their pilots breathing, let alone flying the planes with their minds.

Ultimately, there is no evidence for David Adair's story, rendering it just that: a story.  Why can't he build us another fusion containment engine?  He truly has done a lot of work in the field of aerospace, he must have access to the ways and means of doing so.  If he did it at 17, I fail to see any impediments to his work now.  I know.  It just doesn't add up for poor Mr. Adair.

I'm not calling him a liar.  I just can't verify what he says.  Maybe he...I don't know...watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind one too many times.  Whatever the case, he's going to have to build another fusion engine or produce a piece from a UFO before he can be taken seriously.

Please watch the video for other delicious tidbits, such as Adair's dealings with shadowy government operatives on his graduation day from college.

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  1. I too wonder why he just doesn't build another one.

  2. You seemed to peter out there at the end..
    Maybe you could substantiate your criticism with more than a google search and a rant?
    Or maybe you just like cutting down one of the few people who present any truly useful input on this shit. [ who must be, by nature, an impossibility / tall poppy, and liar.]
    His input about steven greer's input from third-parties makes more sense than the majority of steven greer's alleged motives for his half-baked millionaire-funded disclosure.

  3. I "peter out at the end?" Why? Because I questions? Well gosh, Mr./Ms. Anonymous. Thanks for pointing out that my asking questions is "ranting." At what point do I "cut him down?" I don't. I'm asking him for evidence to support his claims as the burden of proof is *always* on the claimant. That's all. By the way, it must take real guts to make the ad hominem attack that I "enjoy cutting people down" from behind an anonymous post.

  4. Apparently not only did Adair met Hawking, Le may, and Aldrin, but also the easter bunny, loch ness monster, and jesus.

  5. He has quite the social network, doesn't he?

  6. cesti has published a descriptions of a series of meetings they had with congressional and probably senate staff, some congressmen and maybe senators attended. the documents also claims they had meetings with government agencies that week. greer says there were 11 witnesses but does not identify them. adair says he was at the 1997 sceti conferences with greer.

  7. Who is Adair going to build a magnetic fusion containment engine for? The United States Govt is already in possession of his original drawings and from the sounds of it the prototype of the motor as well.

  8. I fail to see how that should hinder such a genius.


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