Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why I'm voting for Barack Obama

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After all, the title is "Why I'm voting" and not "you should vote."

Esoteric Synaptic Events endorses Barack Obama for a second term as President.

I'm sure the Obama campaign was waiting anxiously for this endorsement.  In his time as President, Barack Obama has fostered 32 straight months of job growth.  An announcement was made just today that hiring jumped in October and unemployment continues to decline.  Consumer confidence has hit a 4-year high and contrary to the rhetoric of his detractors, taxes are at a 30 year low.  But he's bad for businesses, right?  Then it's a real head scratcher as to why President Obama signed the Small Business Jobs Act of September 2010 and the Jobs for Main Street Act of February 2010.

Additionally, President Obama established the Affordable Healthcare Act, providing health insurance for many who would not otherwise have it.  He has repealed Don't Ask Don't Tell and overturned a draconian Bush-era rule that weakened the Endangered Species Act.  He has offered incentives for green energy endeavors, including tax breaks for those who buy hybrid cars (just ask folks in New York if they think Global Warming is a myth.)  Foreign policy, you say?  President Obama has removed our troops from Iraq and is in the process of withdrawing from Afghanistan.  And Osama bin Laden is dead.  'Nuff said.

This is not to say that the past four years have been rosy.  President Obama has had his failings, his struggles, and the entire nation has been through difficult economic times.  So, being a careful consumer in a capitalistic society, I want to see what my options are.  I will be analyzing the other option by asking that most critical question in capitalism: "What's in it for me?" How will I profit from a Romney administration?

Mitt Romney has been in the politics game for a long time...long enough to take every possible side of every argument.  Mitt is planning on continuing tax cuts for the 1%.  The Tax Policy Center, a nonpartisan organization of self-professed numbers geeks, has found that the Romney economic plan is not sustainable.  There is no way his policies will allow for a reduction of the deficit and tax cuts for both the wealthy and the middle class.  He would have to raise taxes on the middle class.  So that's a tax hike for me. 

That's about it.  The man has either flip-flopped on most of his policies (including healthcare for he established a healthcare system nigh identical to Obama's while governor of Massachusetts) or been so vague with them that I have no idea what he really thinks.  If anything at all.  I fail to see how I benefit from a Romney presidency.

In review, with Obama I get healthcare, lower taxes, and progressive policies that work for the whole and not the one from an intellectual and compassionate man who has shown calm and poise while his opposition has been nothing short of vitriolic.  In Romney, I get frat boy Ken doll who has openly demonstrated his disdain for 47% of the populace and surrounds himself with men who pushed the hawkish foreign policies of W and who believe rape is "God's will." In Mitt's administration, abortion would be illegal but when it comes to clothing and feeding the child, you get a "You're on your own.  I'm not paying for you." You get aggressive action overseas, sending our military in harm's way.  When veterans return, they get a "You're on your own.  I'm not paying for you." 

In an administration led by President Obama, I get equality and a level playing field on which to work hard and earn success.  With Romney, I get a smirk, a shrug, and a "good luck, kid."  President Obama's policies are for the many and look towards the future.  Mitt looks out for himself and his wealthy buddies while implementing social policies of the 1950s.  As a matter of fact, I have yet to find one genuine reason why Mitt Romney even wants to be president other than, "because I can."

For me, the decision is clear.  I'm voting for President Obama.

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