Tuesday, November 6, 2012

When UFOs arrive

Of the indicators that we are probably not alone in the universe, many point to UFOs.

While UFO sightings are not exactly ironclad evidence, a body of scientists believes that UFOs and the alien question en totale warrant additional thought and preparation.  In a special edition of Britain's Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A., the call is made for the United Nations to have in place an agency whose sole purpose is to be prepared for alien contact, when and if it occurs.  This study is said to have examined the ramifications of UFO contact, everything from scientific to political and social fallout.

There is one aspect of the publication that I found contentious and unsettling.  It was argued that evolution on other planets likely occurred in a Darwinian manner.  This, the scientists argued, proposes that the aliens are hostile, self-centered, and exploitative in nature.  One of the writers even went so far as to warn, "prepare for the worst."

So much is wrong with that thinking.  And that's without even factoring in the dubious nature of the "news source" at the link and its ever-annoying talking head.  Fact is, we don't know anything.  Period.  We're using ourselves as the base model because we have nothing else to go on but that in itself is erroneous.  Evolution is completely dependent on circumstances and there are no doubt circumstances out there that we never would have or could have anticipated.  Therefore, to simply guess that any other life would be as aggressive as we are is just plain fallacious. 

That said, I am rather intrigued by the idea of a UN apparatus dedicated to entirely to setting protocols in place for alien contact.  It's somewhat reminiscent of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  I'm envisioning a frumpy UN detail chasing down UFO witnesses and contactees, always just one step behind the UFO occupants.  How frustrating it must be. 

In the view of this report, however, they must imagine something more along the lines of the incineration of the peace delegation from Mars Attacks.

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  1. There are instances of alien conract with the human race tucked away in variuos writings. In the biblical tale of Eizikiel there are the attepmts of a very primitive culture trying to describe hovercraft and alien machines. So if that was thousands of years ago then the oppourtunity to settle this world at that time would have been easy. Therefore I put forward the point that aliens do not seem to be aggressive! Barry E Woodham SF writer.

  2. The Mahabharata is a favorite contender of that sort of thing for me. While hostility may be defined in many forms, I don't see them as being the "interplanetary conquest" types encountered in pulp SF.


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