Monday, September 13, 2010

And you thought "hybrid" was just a car

Of all the many aspects of the alien abduction meme, none is more fascinating, more unnerving to me than the accounts of alien/human hybrids.  That's right.  Children forged as a combination of both races.  Here's a walk-through:

Many, if not most, abductees report experimentation as part of the experience (yes, including the infamous "butt probe.")  They are brought aboard a UFO and a medical examination is carried out.  During the course of it, ova and sperm are often harvested.  Women are then implanted with an embryo.  Two or three months later another abduction occurs and the fetus is removed.  This results in a mysterious, spontaneous miscarriage wherein no fetus can be found by the abductee's doctor.  Of course the "aliens took my baby" story doesn't usually hold a lot of credence with modern physicians and the story is chalked up to psychological stress as a result of miscarriage.
But this is where it gets really weird (I know, "gets??")  The woman in question is abducted yet again for what researchers call a "child presentation," an evidently a more and more common occurrence in abduction lore where the "mother" is shown a baby.  This child has the skin and facial features of a human infant.  However, it typically has an enlarged cranium, wider eyes, and thin, stringy hair.  One woman alleges that she instinctively cried out "that's my baby" upon seeing the hybrid before her.  The Grey then took the child away, saying "no.  It is ours." 
Crazily enough, this meme is undergoing constant and variant iterations.  There are abductees who claim that they have been allowed to keep their hybrid child.  Apparently, the aliens have learned that they lack the ability to nurture the emotional bond that children with human DNA are said to need.  Other abductees claim there are adult-aged hybrids who walk among our society unnoticed, their purpose as yet unknown.

So what are we to make of all this?  As with anything else in the realm of purported alien abductions, there really is no hard scientific evidence for any of this so whatever I write here is pure conjecture.  
First of all, I can't say I blame doctors for citing psychological stress as the real cause for the alien stories surrounding suddenly terminated pregnancies.  No doubt such things are distressing for all involved.  Yet I can't throw out the alien hypothesis either.
Why would the Greys be growing hybrid children?  Allow me to wax imaginative for a moment.  The aliens in question are most often described as being rather physically frail.  Could they be wanting human stock to sort of bulk themselves up?  Do they not have steroids on Zeta Reticuli?  Is there a form of illness running through their species that can only be corrected by interbreeding with us and they just want our women as incubators and our men as sperm donors?
Another possibility ties in with the theory that the Greys are not "aliens" at all.  They are us, visiting from the future.  Has human physical form atrophied so much in the future that we needed to travel back in time and get an infusion of DNA?  Maybe.  Then again, it could be weirder than any of that.  The late great Mac Tonnies, author and Fortean researcher, had his own theory that he called "cryptoterrestrials."  In this hypothesis, an offshoot of humanity evolved alongside us and has lived in hiding all this time.  This explains why accounts of aliens are so very similar to us in anatomy, an occurrence deemed unlikely by many exobiologists.  Could this hidden species be needing our DNA for one of the reasons above or others yet unknown?
Additionally, if the abductees are right about the adult hybrids, exactly how many are among us right now?

Like I said, I don't know.  Until hard evidence surfaces, it's all just an intellectual and imaginative that makes me want to sleep with the lights on.

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  1. From Facebook, Spike says:
    "I've always found this interesting too. In research for my "Symbols of Evil" course next semester I was reading Medieval and Early Modern European accounts of nocturnal demonic attacks where women are impregnated by agents of Satan to creat...e a hybrid human/demon race. Is it an example of unconscious human fears molding to prominent cultural norms (demons during a Christian era, aliens during the age of technology), or has it always been demons, which people nowadays interpret as aliens, or has it always been aliens, which people back then interpreted as demons?"

    I think much of this is explainable as hypnogogic dreams or the mind covering up sexual abuse. Psychologically, we fill in the gaps with what our culture teaches us to. In the case of our technological society, it's aliens.
    As for the hybrid notion, I'm really not sure. While I do think it is explainable as stress-induced delusion, it's rather unnerving in a few cases.

  2. Well, just add to the theories on why aliens might want to breed with humans, consider adaptation. An alien species may not be able to survive in our environment for various biological reasons, but a hybrid of the alien and human might be able to survive. If said aliens were so inclined to take the time, they could experiment with creating a hybrid that could survive in Earth's environment so they they could, at least in part, populate the earth with some of their genetic material. This is not wholly unlike a symbiotic alien inhabiting a human host to survive, nor using a sort of cloned alien as an avatar, as in the movie of the same name.

  3. may I ask what movie that picture of the girl is from?

  4. I'm sorry, Johan. I don't know. Maybe an episode of "Outer Limits?"
    I just Googled "Alien" and "Hybrid" and downloaded the most fitting image. Wish I could be of more help than that.

  5. Ah to bad, I'm pretty sure it's a movie though. I've been looking for it for ages, I saw it when I was a kid but I can't recall the name!
    Incidentaly, I googled alien and hybrid as well ;)
    Thanks anyway and also interesting reading :)

  6. Same here Johan if you ever find it let me know please


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