Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Author profile: Richard Hoagland

During my research into the so-called "Martian artifacts," I came across cited works by Richard Hoagland.
Hoagland is an author who has accused NASA of having a "dark agenda," amongst which is the concealment of alien life from the public.  He says that he is a scientist and was the curator of the astronomy and space science section of the Springfield Science Museum in Massachusetts.  Hoagland has also asserted that he was consultant to CBS News during their coverage of the Apollo Moon landing.  The late, great Walter Cronkite called this claim "hocus pocus nonsense."
I have not read the works of Richard Hoagland, but from the overviews and precis that I have found, his research is fairly wide in the subjects of conspiracy and Fortean phenomena, encompassing everything from UFOs to the 2012 doomsday meme.  What it seems that he is best known for is his work on the Cydonia complex of Mars (please see previous post.)
To hear Hoagland say it, the "Face" on Mars is just that, a monument carved by an ancient civilization, just as were the nearby "pyramids."  He bases these claims in part on what he sees as the geometric ratios in both the structuring of and the spacing between these monuments.  Photographs of these areas taken by probes in recent years were filtered many times over by NASA in an attempt to make them look like mere geological formations.  What is more, NASA is covering up the discovery of an advanced, technological civilization on the Moon and that the astronauts who have traveled there have had their memories "selectively erased" (which begs the question of "then why send them there in the first flippin' place?" but there you go.)  In fact, the recent LCROSS impact on the Moon was actually targeted at a manned Lunar base.
Most of this is weirdness is due, according to Hoagland, to NASA  being run by Freemasons with occult leanings.  There is a clandestine space program going on behind the scenes, one that utilizes alien computers and anti-gravity propulsion systems that were recovered and reverse engineered by the shadow government, natch.  It should be noted that Hoagland's research and papers have never been peer-reviewed.  Huh.
As I said, I have not read any books by Richard Hoagland, but I am placing his Dark Mission--the Secret History Of NASA on my to-read list despite it sounding so hinky.  Why?  Well, this is one area that I will back Glenn Beck on: you can't criticize someone if you haven't read their position (which makes me wonder what exactly Beck has read, but that's an entirely different can of tuna.)  Hoagland's name is tossed around fairly frequently in the circles of fringe research, especially with his many appearances on Coast-to-Coast AM as a "science adviser." I probably owe it to myself to know what he's talking about...even if he doesn't.  Oh sorry, I know.  I'm sounding very biased before the fact, but I just can't help it.

So I'll let you know how it goes.  In the meantime, you can visit Hoagland's website, The Enterprise Mission.

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