Monday, September 20, 2010

Black triangles

For at least the past twenty years, one of the more common shapes of UFOs has not been the saucer but the triangle.  Time and again the descriptions are the same: a black craft in the exact shape of a triangle, red lights at each of the points, and a larger, white light in the center of the craft.  As is typical with most other UFO sightings, the triangles can hover and then streak away at extreme speeds, all without making any noise.
Probably the most famous black triangle case was the wave of sightings over Belgium in 1990.  Over the course of several days, continual sightings of a triangle were made both visually and on radar.  A Belgian police officer took this photo:

The Belgian Air Force scrambled a pair of F-16s to intercept the craft.  Missile lock was attained, but the triangle disappeared at a speed in excess of Mach 8.  In light of radar evidence and the fact that missile lock can only be made on an actual, physical object, the Belgian government held a press conference.  They showed the gun camera footage from one of the F-16s that followed the object until it disappeared.  They also stated that they had no idea what the triangle was but they considered it a threat to their national airspace.  This is no small matter as NATO headquarters is in Belgium.  Flights of the stealth fighter or bomber were ruled out as the photograph is clearly not of one of those aircraft.
That flap of UFO sightings died out, but the triangles kept popping up all over.  Here in the Chicago area, Tinley Park experienced a mass triangle sighting back in 2007.  Witnesses to the Phoenix Lights event of 1997 reported seeing a triangle in addition to the other glowing "flares" in the sky.  And here is a photograph (one of the best sighting photos I've ever seen) from another recent report:

Note the similarity to the Belgian photo.

So what are they?  Given the sheer amount of sightings and their consistency, I feel confident in stating that there are hitherto unknown aircraft in the sky that are black in color and triangular in shape.   Even so, this is one time that I'm not going to pin it on aliens or other such Fortean beings.  
I think it's us.  The black triangles are secret U.S. military aircraft, likely developed at Area 51 out in Nevada.  But they are more than that.  First of all, their flight characteristics are far beyond what we're used to with conventional aircraft.  The speed and the maneuvers described would be enough to kill a human pilot.  Plus, the ability of an aircraft to hover in utter silence defies our understanding of physics.  Then what gives?
Take a look a that first photo, the one from Belgium.  Notice the distortion around the lights, how it forms an almost spiral pattern.  This could indicate a warping of space around the craft.  To me, that means we have anti-gravity propulsion.  It's the only way to explain the technological feats that have been witnessed.  As expert UFO researcher Richard Dolan said in an essay on the matter: "One person with whom I write, and whose judgment I have come to trust, tells me he is "ninety-five percent" sure that somewhere along the line the U.S. military and scientific minds in the secret world have indeed developed operational field propulsion. In other words, defeated the problem of gravity and are thus responsible for at least many of the triangles. Another person, someone in whom I place high esteem and credibility, tells me he thinks it’s unlikely this is so."
Obviously there is more than one school of thought on the matter, but if we have not developed these triangles, then who has? 
This gets me thinking.  The mere existence of anti-gravity technology would threaten the oil industry.  One more reason to keep things under wraps, but still utilize the innovation to achieve strategic and intelligence-gathering ends.  The oversight of this kind of a highly sensitive, "black ops" program would necessitate a hidden or "shadow" government of a sort, perhaps even a division of the purported Majestic 12 organization that deals with alien contact.  Given this secrecy, they could then test this technology to its utmost envelope.

In other words, we may have already sent a manned crew into deep space.

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  1. From Facebook, Graymalkin said: "I think they are remote teleportation devices. The temporal/spacial agents send the coordinates in time/space they wish to travel, when the drones arrive, they transport to the surface. Once transportation has completed, the distraction o...f F16's chasing away the transport drone gives plenty of time to gain their bearings of surroundings and disappear into the oblivious populations speculating about the mysterious triangle! Needless to say the drones can be programmed remotely to be recalled for recollection of said agent! ;) Our government doesn't acknowledge their existence due to the empowerment it brings them or would strip them of. If govt does acknowledge them they are weaker than the advanced tech vs if they deny, or allow others to speculate, the govt is always seen as being part of the conspiracy rather than the helpless jokes unable to enact any change in respect to the ‘aliens’."

    As usual, quite insightful.
    I think you really hit there towards the end: the biggest impediment to full disclosure is the admission of impotence by world governments.

  2. From Facebook, David said: "Nice theories. I have often wondered why, if alien visitors are so far advanced in technology as presumed to be, they do not find less invasive ways of visiting that flying around populated areas with their lights on. On another note, if aliens have indeed been visiting us for years, decades, centuries or millenia, as some would hypothesize, why are they visiting us? We don't seem to be doing anything of interest that would benefit a much more advanced alien race."

    All valid questions, Dave. As a bit of shameless promotion, I have delved into those on my blog. But the upshot is, yes...I believe that an advanced civilization should be integrated enough with its technology that they could mask themsel...ves from us until they chose not to.
    Why visit us? A quick theory includes keeping an eye on us so we don't bring our destructive behavior out into the cosmos. Also, if the abduction accounts are accurate (and that's a *big* "if"), then they seem to require human genetic material for one reason or another.

  3. I JUST SAW THIS!!! 11/28/13 approximately 6:45PM PST above fairwood, WA.


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