Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Getting to "zero-point"

Back in the post on black triangles, the idea of anti-gravity propulsion was brought up.  I thought that I would use today's post to expound a bit on what that means exactly.
There is a term that is often thrown around in so-called "alternative science" and that is "Zero-Point Energy."  According to Wikipedia: "Zero-point energy is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system may have and it is the energy of its ground state."  As an aside, I don't like quoting Wikipedia as an information source.  I just thought it was the quickest way to get a succinct definition and that one's about as good as any.
Zero-point holds the promise of providing clean, limitless, and virtually free energy.  Unfortunately, science has yet to find a practical way to generate and harness this kind of energy.
But a guy named John Hutchinson claims that he has.  Hutchinson is what I'd call a "garage physicist."  He is an inventor who has drawn heavily upon the devices of Nikola Tesla.  For the uninformed, Tesla was not just the name of a hair metal band, but more critically a genius inventor who came up with designs for technology far beyond his time.
While experimenting with high-powered Tesla coils, Hutchinson claims that objects in his workshop began to levitate and to move about on their own.  Objects of disparate composition, such as steel and wood, were seamlessly fused together.  Other items disappeared without a trace.  These purported effects are quite similar to those described in the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943, coincidentally an event that is said to have had Telsa's work involved.  Sadly, there have been numerous accusations that Hutchinson is a mere huckster who faked all of his experiments.
Were any of this to be substantiated and replicated in laboratory tests (and so far they haven't been), it would be among the biggest technological breakthroughs in the history of humanity.  Imagine it, limitless energy that would allow for anti-gravity flight without fear of the power of inertia.  You actually could make the types of tight, right angle turns that have been described by UFO witnesses.  With the electromagnetic fields involved, you might even be able to generate "force fields" or the like.
Rumors have abounded for quite a while now that scientists and inventors like Tesla and Hutchinson truly did develop the means to harness zero-point energy, but their work was squelched by the government.  After all, oil companies would take a drastic hit in their profits, even though oil would still be needed to produce plastics and many other synthetic materials.  Obviously I can't speak to the "truthiness" of that, but if this technology does indeed exist and if it has been kept under wraps all in the service of greed, then the cost to our environment and ourselves is nothing short of criminal.

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