Friday, September 3, 2010

UFO tripping across Europe

This link was sent to me via Ghost Dogg.  It's from io9, a favorite site of mine that deals with science fiction and just overall swellness.  From time to time, the site's editors like to dip their toes into the wading pools of UFOs and the above linked article is just such an instance.
The page speaks of traveling to two different "UFO Memorials" in Europe.  Call me a picky student of language, but I think that the word "monument" is far more apt in this case as "memorial" designates a remembrance of someone's death (most times.)  No one died in either of these cases, thank goodness.  That bit of linguistic snobbery out of the way, let's move on with the tour, shall we?
One of the locations on the travel itinerary is Angelholm, Sweden.  It was on May 18, 1946 that ace ice hockey player Gösta Carlsson (me neither) saw a UFO land in a field outside the town.  So moved by this was Carlsson, that he felt the site should be commemorated.   As the brilliant editors at io9 say, "screw Stockholm.  This is where the party is at."

Our next destination is Emilcin, Poland.  Here, farmer Jan Wolski was abducted by aliens.  This abduction seemed rather more gentile than most others reported.  In fact, Wolski was so grateful that he left his own monument to the event and provided his story for us in comic book format.  The comic is featured on the io9 site (warning, the comic is in Polish.)

I've heard of "legend tripping," going on a pilgrimage to the location of various Fortean incidents, such as Stonehenge, Roswell, or Loch Ness.  Not only do I hope to have just such a vacation one day, but I would venture to add at least two other locations to the European UFO itinerary.  First of all, I'd argue that Rendelsham Forest in the UK needs to be a stop, site of the famous Brentwaters RAF case of December, 1980.  Also included should be various towns in Belgium that were witness to the "black triangle" incidents of 1990.
And what the hell?  Let's swing by Erich von Daniken's "MysteryQuest," or whatever his Disney-esque, ancient astronaut theme park is called in Holland.
Happy travels.

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