Monday, October 25, 2010

Aim High!

 Welcome to the U.S. Air Force, where time and space have no meaning! 
Or so it says in the new Air Force manual for cyberwarfare.  Just a sign of the times, prepping USAF personnel to respond to computer attacks that happen so quickly that time isn't even a factor.
And why not?  The Air Force is already well underway with efforts to deploy particle beam weapons as well as develop antimatter weapons.  In terms of the latter, the research is mainly focused on pure antimatter bombs that would have the destructive force of a nuclear detonation but without all that pesky radioactive fallout.  Another avenue would be an electromagnetic pulse weapon that powered by antimatter that would be able to generate an EMP wave to fry out the electrical grids of entire nations, again without that pesky radioactive fallout.  And who knows, antimatter cannons might even be in the works, too.  This is all to say nothing of efforts currently underway to transform the service from an Air Force to an Air and Space Force.  After all, there's already a UAV military space shuttle and any number of space bombers that have been proposed and for all we know they are fully operational but highly classified. 

Should we be concerned that dreadful antimatter weapons could soon be orbiting high overhead?  Probably.  Does this mean we could soon have the capacity for even broader scale destruction than before? Possibly.  But am I worried?  Not exactly.  It's going to be a heck of a show for this geek to watch.

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