Saturday, October 9, 2010

OMG! The NWO will use UFOs!

You have to hand it to them.  They never give up.
That collective of UFO enthusiasts that give all the rest of us a bad name, specifically, those of us who want to examine facts and evidence in order to formulate an answer or at least a hypothesis for what's going that can stand on solid footing.  Time and time again this other faction comes up with radical theories and assertions that while I find entertaining, can certainly give someone the wrong impression of the field of Ufology.
My point being, Wednesday, October 13th.  Apparently that is when fleets of UFOs will appear over major metropolitan areas.  "Says who?" you might ask...and that would be a just question, dear Stranger.  Turns out, the word has come from an ex-NORAD official.    "How does he know?" you might ask...and once again you would be justified in doing so (you're reading my blog, so I just know you're smart enough to ask these questions.)  "NORAD guy" knows of this impending event from years of research...and talking to the aliens through a "channeler."  Well, sure.  That's good enough for me.  
But it gets better.  Conspiracy theorists aren't stopping there.  I've been seeing on Facebook that there are number of people who are positing that the 10/13/2010 display will be a "false flag" event, a euphemism in warfare that means attacking yourself in order to justify an attack on your enemy.  An alien threat will be faked and the world will panic and be organized together under a New World Order (NWO) to confront the threat.  Our individual rights will of course be done away with.  Desperate times calling for desperate measures and all that.  That was the NWO's plan along.
I just find this all amusing.  I mean, deep cackle amusing and it might even make for a good science fiction story.  There does seem to be something in the zeitgeist as of late, a series of news stories relating to alien life that seems to suggest some form of disclosure is imminent, but I'm not betting the mortgage on that just yet.  Still, if there really were a disclosure event and an official announcement, I can actually imagine a section of people being disappointed.  The conspiracy would be dragged out into the light.  There would be no need for speculation.  There would be no more mystery.  After all, it isn't exciting enough to have open contact with extraterrestrials, there needs to be a deeper component to it.  Like false flag allegations and rallying cries against the supposed shadow government.  Some people just need things like this to liven up their dull lives.  Besides, wouldn't it make more sense, in America anyway, to fake a Rapture or other such Biblical apocalypse?
What will happen on Wednesday, October 13th?  I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and predict...pretty much the same damned things that happen most any other day.  Period. 
If I'm wrong, feel free to come back to Strange Horizons and comment your complaint.  Go ahead.  Flaunt it right in my face.  That is if we're not under the heels (or whatever appendage) of our new alien overlords and we are still capable of electromagnetic communication.   If aliens do arrive this Wednesday, I hope they do so in large, saucer-shaped craft.  I want to witness a massive fireball cross the sky as something enormous makes re-entry, like in Independence Day.  That movie's schlocky but entertaining, especially the alien arrival sequence.  In the meantime, you might want to build a stockpile of canned food and bottled water over the next three days, then get in your basement and call in sick on Wednesday. 
Oh hell, just call in sick anyway.

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