Wednesday, October 6, 2010

UFOs and the space shuttle

Over the long lifespan of NASA's space shuttle program, an enormous amount of video footage has been compiled.  Probably more minutes of video than from any other endeavor into space.  It is during segments of this footage that a few investigators believe UFOs have been caught on tape.
UFOs and NASA are nothing new.  Astronauts from programs such as Apollo and Gemini reported seeing odd, unexplained lights or objects during their travels, many of which have been explained by now as discarded booster rockets, orbital junk, or the like.  Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper have been quite outspoken about their encounters both in space and in the service.  But nothing beats the space shuttle missions for the sheer quantity of anomalous video and audio. 
There is video of a distinctly saucer-shaped object passing beneath a shuttle, just above the Earth's upper atmosphere.  There is audio that was purportedly intercepted by an amateur radio operator wherein a shuttle astronaut says, "Houston, we have the alien spacecraft in sight."  Is the tape authentic?  Who knows.  All that is certain is that shortly after the audio tape was made public, NASA changed their communication frequencies and shrouded them from further eavesdropping. 
The "crown jewel" of all of this video is something that has been studied by so many people it isn't even funny.  Ufologists, skeptics, videographers, and even optical physicists have weighed in on it.  What the 1991 video shows is an orb-like light that flits near the Earth's upper atmosphere.  There is then a brilliant flash and the UFO darts away.  Another object shoots up, apparently from the Earth, at a diagonal heading and never deviates in course.  Observe:
Officials from NASA explain the footage as maneuvering of the shuttle.  The shuttle fires its thrusters for attitude adjustment, thus accounting for the flash.  Particles of ice that have gathered around the orbiter are then knocked helter skelter in space, thus accounting for the luminous objects on the tape.  A tidy explanation.  Except for one thing...
If the shuttle is firing its maneuvering rockets, why does the angle of the shot remain the same?  Logic would dictate that a change in attitude would mean a change in point of view, even if just a slight one.  Yet this footage remains stationary. 
While I'm certain that the majority of these kinds of space video anomalies have prosaic explanations, I also believe that just a few of them may have caught hitherto unknown craft in spaceflight.  And I don't necessarily believe that they are aliens. 
One school of thought on the video above is that it is from the shuttle observing a test of SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative, Reagan's "Star Wars") weapons that we're not supposed to have.  Here's my thought on the subject.  Remember a while back when I brought up the black triangles?  How word round the Ufology campfire tends to point to a clandestine military operation involving anti-gravity drives?  I think that cameras from the shuttle may have just caught the spaceflights of our own anti-gravity craft.
Or they're just ice particles.  What the heck do I know?  I'm the same guy who's trying to be a published author in a world that doesn't read.

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