Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TV Review--"The Event"

After a series of weird and contorted occurrences, a man's girlfriend goes missing.  As he searches for her, he becomes further and further enmeshed in a government conspiracy that involves the President and perhaps disclosure of something critical to the entire human race.
This show makes me most thankful for DVRs.  Not so that I won't miss an episode, but so that I can speed through the things that don't interest me in order to get to the things that do.  Unfortunately for NBC and their sponsors, I'm zooming through about 75% of the program.  That's what happens when your main characters are unimpressive and really rather representative of all the reasons that I don't watch television much anymore.
And that's because TV execs don't seem to get it.  Shows like The X-Files and Heroes (at least in the first season) did not become hits because of their subject matter.  How many science fiction or paranormal themed series have come and gone with most of them being unmemorable?  One ends up giving up in the counting.  Shows of this nature don't excel because of special effects or high weirdness.  They catch on because of the characters.  They become people that you want to see week in and week out.  They become people you miss during the off season or hiatus.  They become people you get scared for, cry for, or cheer for.  I realize all of that might perhaps be nudging the sap-o-meter precariously towards the red, but it really is true.  I'm an avid fan of The X-Files.  Not because of UFO stories, but because of who Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are...or at least how they were written and acted.
Sorry, NBC.  You just don't have that with The Event.  I don't feel the slightest thing for any of the characters you've written.  I simply cannot take anymore whines of "My girlfriend!  My girlfriend!" from Jason Ritter and to be honest with you, I just don't care what happens to either one of them.
So you might ask, just what are those bits that keep me coming back to watch at least 10 out of the 60 minutes?  The conspiracy storyline has me intrigued.  Is this what disclosure could be like?  
That I cannot say.  What I can tell you for a fact is that it wouldn't take much to get me to bump this off my DVR list.  I already missed this week's episode...well, I guess I wouldn't say that I missed it.

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  1. On Facebook, Dr. Rich said: "I liked it better when it was called "the 4400" on USA network."

  2. On Facebook, Ghost Dogg said: "I couldn't make it through the first 15 minutes."


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