Thursday, October 14, 2010

UFOs over the skies of Manhattan: must I eat my words?

Remember my post from a few days ago?  About the former NORAD exec?  Warning us that on 10/13/2010 major cities were going to be buzzed by UFOs?  Remember how much I poo-poo'ed it?
So take a look at what happened today, 10/13/2010.
A formation of silver, disc-shaped (under magnification they appear jellyfish-shaped) objects was observed by multiple witness over the skyline of New York City.  One explanation has been offered for this, namely that they were Mylar balloons released from a Manhattan elementary school.  Would make sense, except that they would have to be pretty sizable balloons to be seen by so many people and it would be quite a feat for them to remain as stationary as has been claimed.  Police received a few 311 calls, calls were also made to City Hall and the local airports.  Neither city officials nor the FAA has any explanation as yet.
"If they are weather balloons," said one city administrator, "Nobody cleared the release with us."
"There was nothing in the air that would account for this kind of reaction," said Jim Peters of the FAA.
One of my Facebook contacts found this video on YouTube that claims to have been shot over Los Angeles today.  Rather akin to the NYC footage.  There have been additional reports of a UFO formation over Moscow on 10/10/2010. 
So I'm afraid I do need to eat my least a few of them.  Something UFO-related did happen today.  And it was over a major city, perhaps cities.  Despite that, I am nowhere near willing to accept this as sightings of alien craft.  It just all seems a little too convenient to me.  Guy predicts this, objects show up.  Perhaps they really were just Mylar balloons, released to help bolster and credence to the prediction.  They could also be products of mass acceptance of a meme.  If you are told to expect something on 10/13/2010, your mind might very well find things to make that prediction fit.  In other words, you are predisposed to belief.  Interestingly enough though, the man who made this initial prediction never said that the aliens would land, he only said that they would make their presence known over large Earth cities.  Still doesn't make me want to believe him any more, but that is an important point to clarify. 

I have no idea what the identity of these sighted objects are.  Therefore, they are by definition UFOs.  I do, however, know this: there sure as shinkies has been a lot of UFO -related news stories in the media this year.  The was the release of British MOD files, stating for a fact that Winston Churchill was concerned about a UFO panic.  The Vatican announced that it is fully within Christian beliefs to believe in aliens.  The UN announced that we have "an ambassador of Earth" should they be needed.  The planet Gliese 581g has been called a slam-dunk case for life by more than a few astronomers.  There was a press conference held at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. by former Air Force officers, attesting to reports that UFOs momentarily disabled a nuclear missile command center in Montana.
So...are we being prepared for something?

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  1. Weird.
    Here's a fun fact: Before WWII society (ours) fussed about demon possession. After WWII (ongoing), our society fusses over alien abduction. I guess we had to update the impossible thing that would keep us up at night...

  2. There is a new Alien invasion movie coming out soon (Nov 12) called "Skyline". It features large alien ships descending and hovering over major cities. I would not be surprised if some of these UFO sightings are stunts to create a buzz for the movie. The movie looks like it will be a fun scifi, action-packed thrill ride. Consequently there is in another alien-related movie coming out soon called "Monsters" which deals with a sort of alien genetic invasion. This later movie is a bit more interesting to me as it seems more of a solid scifi story.

  3. @Rose: That is completely correct. As we've grown more technological, our perceptions of these things have changed. It just begs the question, "Are we apply different templates to the same thing or have abductions been going on for a very long time?"
    I'm betting on the former.

    @David: I thought about that, too. I watched the video taken in New York and to me, the objects are behaving very much like balloons.
    Those new movies do sound cool. I especially like the idea of a genetic invasion and toyed with that as my November writing project. Looks like somebody has beaten me to the punch.
    But that's never stopped me before.


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