Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ancient "Denisovans" interbred with us

No, this isn't a story from Ancient Aliens on the History Channel.  Rather, it is from the BBC's Science page. 

Scientists say an entirely separate type of human identified from bones in Siberia co-existed and interbred with our own species.  A complete genome sequence has already been extracted from a finger bone of one of these hominids.  This, researchers say, demonstrates that there were at least four different species of humans in existence when homo sapiens first walked out of Africa.  Still, it appears that interbreeding between the Denisovans and Eurasian humans was rare, rendering the genetic affect present...but limited.

We just keep finding out more about us that we didn't know before.  I believe we will soon learn that what we term as "human" has actually been around longer than first thought.  Likewise, civilization predates what we once believed likely.  Who knows what else we'll find?  An undiscovered species of upright walking primate?  Could be.  In that event, toss the steaks on the grill.  

 And now if science would just investigate what these things are:

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  1. On Facebook, The New Wave Priest said: "At this rate, it's only a matter of time until Quatermass & the Pit comes true."

    We can only hope, NWP. We can only hope.

  2. On Facebook, MB said: "I’m just hoping that my Ancient Ancestors got lucky with Wild Amazon Women..."


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