Thursday, December 9, 2010

Brain and brain, what is brain?

Ah, the human brain.  What a wondrous thing.  Humans need not plum the depths of the sea nor stretch out into space to find mysteries.  We need seek no further than the interior of our own craniums.
The exact workings of the brain still contain their share of unknowns.  Is there a higher state of consciousness above this one we inhabit?  Is the brain capable of performing amazing feats that we yet not know of?  
A man named Core Love (I know, great name.  Junior high must have sucked for him) has been researching such things for a while now...and having experiences that would freak any of the rest of us out.  Love was in a car accident when he was 10.  He suffered injuries to his head that caused the erasure of all memories he had accumulated up until that point.  The injury also caused his brain to continually produce the chemical known as DMT, dimethyltryptamine, a naturally occurring hallucinogen.  This gave Love "intense bursts of energy" that allowed him to enter altered states of consciousness wherein he would encounter astral beings.
Or he just hallucinated the whole thing as DMT is prone to causing.

Thankfully for us, Love is sharing the knowledge that he has gleaned from his time with these beings.  Human aging occurs in proportion to the amount of memories that you have.  Bet you didn't know that.  The memories, the more the brain has to work to hold on to them, thus leaving the body to deteriorate.  Early on, our sharp-as-tacks noggins figure this out and make a quick decision.  The brain turns control over to the hypothalamus gland inside the brain rather than the pineal gland. As such, Love alleges that returning control back to the pineal gland will put a person on the path to enlightenment and, subsequently, immortality.

Though how exactly one is to do that remains unclear.

I am growing more and more curious about the workings of the brain and just how it is that we perceive things.  This factors in greatly when examining purported experiences of the paranormal.  So are there higher or simply other states of consciousness that we can enter and exit as easily as we do elevators?  Perhaps.  But I just don't think it's the way that "Core Love" says it is.  
So why did I blog about it?  Dunno.  Just caught my attention as stories like this are wont to do.  And now, thanks to Blogger, everybody can share in my tangents and digressions!  Yay for us!


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