Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dear Santa

Snow is falling here in greater Chicagoland.  The tree has been up at home since last Friday.  I'm starting to smell the egg nog and cookies.
I'm calling it.  It's Christmastime.  

 Hope it's a merry one for you.  I know that it's a depressing time for people out of work, suffering loss, or who just plain can't stand all the cheeriness.  In that latter case, you know what would make you feel better?  Buying gifts!
I hereby tender my Christmas wish list:

A month or two on the International Space Station.
Think about it.  With WiFi now available, I can be the first blogger in space.  That's right.  I'll send you constant updates from orbit.  It'll be like you're really there...only it will be me instead.

One flight on Virgin Galactic
Ok, I might've gone a little overboard with my first request.  I'll therefore set my sights a little lower and be happy with a single orbit on Richard Branson's spaceship.  And it's coming down in price all the time.  Currently, it's only about $100,000! 

A decommissioned missile base
Don't know if it's still for sale, but I've always wanted an underground lair.  All I'd need then is a black helicopter and there you go.

My own Moon Rover
'Nuff said!

Support In Green Blood
Asking too much so far?  Ok, howzabout supporting my research trip to Dulce, New Mexico?  My plan is to investigate Archuleta Mesa and the supposed secret government/alien base there.  With the research, I will write a literary non-fiction book titled In Green Blood about the alien/human battle that allegedly took place there.  If you help fund me, I'll dedicate the book to you.  Think of it.  Your name in print.  Won't that be cool??

Augmented Reality HUD for my car
The auto accessory that is likely worth far more than the car itself.  How many people can say that?

A trip to the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle.
Always wanted to go.  Figure I could just make it a weekend stay and save on cost.

5-Disc collector's set of Blade Runner.
Ok, this would be cool.

 "Conspiracy" Mega-Bloks and Mego Batcave
I'd be happy just with these.  Note: Aquaman need not come with the Batcave.

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  1. Ummmm...none of these were on your list when I went shopping. Hope you aren't disappointed!

  2. I can provide an airline ticket (standby, sadly) for either the trip to Seattle or NM...or both....but I might want to tag along.

  3. On Facebook, Vinnie said: "I think you missed one:"

    Indeed. A jetpack would be sweet. I also like this: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... the OPAV!

  4. @debmichelle1972: meh. I'll be ok. :)

    @mypilot: I'd take you up on that. It's the food and lodging funds I still need.

  5. I found one of your gifts and it seems fairly reasonable: Now, you just have to put it in your car.

  6. Hmmm.
    But is it available in augmented reality?

  7. I think I'm going to Phoenix in Janurary for a couple days, so free lodgding, but not sure if it's close enough to make NM a day trip or not....

  8. Thanks.
    But it's over an 8 hour drive from Phoenix to Dulce. And I'll need more than a day there to get interviews and whatnot.
    Thanks for thinking about me, tho.


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