Thursday, December 30, 2010

Your skin is a flippin' zoo

That is not an insult.  Merely a statement of fact.
My skin is too, for that matter.  

At least that's what I saw on Geeks Are Sexy.   Yesterday, the site posted a video of all the various micro-organisms that inhabit our skin and various other areas.  All brought to us by the wonders of the electron microscope.
From dust mites feeding on our dead skin cells to fungi growing on our hair (hair that looks like trees of an alien forest under magnification), you wouldn't believe the amount of life that lives in symbiosis with us.  No matter how much you wash yourself, bacteria and other creepy crawly things just keep regenerating themselves.  When you have an itch, not one due to a rash or irritation or insect bite but just "an itch," that's from one of these microscopic mites burrowing into your skin.  At any given time, there are as many creatures living in the alien landscape of your skin as there are people on Earth.

I'm going to start charging mine rent.

Here's the video, it's not for the squeamish. 

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