Sunday, December 12, 2010

You find the damnedest things in UFO Magazine

So there I was.  Poring over my latest issue of UFO Magazine as I always do when it arrives and what do I find?  Note the following ad:

So nutty that I just had to read it twice...and with a Moe Syzlac cry of "Wha???"
Let's unpack this for a moment, shall we?

"Attention single Earthmen."
Given that this publication is read solely on Earth (as far as I know), I would say stating the planetary location is overkill.  But what do I know?  I just have a graduate degree in Writing.
Skimming through much of the rest of the ad, I can chalk up adjectives such as "other-worldly" as mere Madison Avenue hyperbole.  Not that this ad comes from anywhere near that New York City address, but you know what I mean.
Here's the next part I get hung up on:  "Beautiful as a Martian sunset."
What do Asian women have to do with the planet Mars?  Additionally, I myself have never seen a Martian sunset firsthand, so I cannot make a fair comparison.  Truthfully, I am willing to lay a wager that no one else who happened to see the ad has been to see one, either.  A quick Google did reveal photos of one taken by NASA landers and I must admit, the sunset is kinda cool.  With the amount of red dust and such in the air, the sky color must indeed be something to behold.  

That notwithstanding, the ad is still, in my humble opinion, a rather predatory bit of lonely "geeksploitation."  Then again, I would willingly send away for "FREE details and full color photo brochure" if any of the "exotic Asian women" look like her:

Oh Asia, I love you.  Sigh.

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  1. On Facebook, Scott said: "LOL--great critique!"

    Thank you. Now warn your friends.


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