Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A family legacy

During this holiday downtime, I've been listening to The Paranormal Podcast with Jim Harold.  I am a newcomer to it, but I highly recommend this podcast to anyone with an interest in UFOs, cryptozoology, or anything paranormal in general.
The show that really hooked me was from last September.  It was an interview with Jesse Marcel, Jr.  That name should immediately recognizable to nearly anyone with an interest in Ufology.  Marcel's father, also named Jesse Marcel, was a Security Officer at the airbase in Roswell, New Mexico on the date of the alleged UFO crash in 1947.  He was the first military officer at the crash site that night.
Jesse Marcel, Jr. tells of being just a young boy at the time, awoken by his father in the night so that he could show the family debris fragments from a "flying saucer."  Not long after that, his father was photographed in a press conference while holding pieces of a balloon...the official story (at that time, anyway) for the Roswell crash.  Anyone who has ever seen that photo can immediately see the "this is stupid" look on Marcel's face.  But like a good soldier, he followed orders.  Young Jesse Marcel was told by his father that they were never to speak of the incident again.

While listening to the podcast, I tried to imagine what it must have been like for the young Marcel.  Your father brings you pieces of material that at a mere first glance you can tell are not of this Earth.  He is then made out in the media to look perhaps a bit buffoonish in order to further the "sorry folks, it was just a weather balloon" story.  You watch this and then must remain silent through the years, knowing full well that humanity is not alone in the universe and that at least a fraction of UFO sightings are of vehicles that are not of this world.

That's why I was surprised to hear Marcel say that has served many years in the U.S. military, including a rather recent and lengthy tour of duty in Iraq.  He is also a medical physician.  Although I am grateful, as indeed any American citizen should be, for Marcel's service in defending this nation, I couldn't help but wonder how he felt about serving in an organization that in many ways, left the Marcel family out to dry in the cover up.  Marcel addressed this in the interview by making an important observation.  It is not the military who are the masterminds of the cover up.  They are merely tools in the process.  There is instead a "shadow government," as many have suspected, with an unlimited operating budget that maintains the veil of secrecy over all matters extraterrestrial.  Marcel speaks of a meeting that he had in Washington D.C. with an individual with close ties to this project that confirmed these suspicions.  Of course no names were given.  Such is the necessary downside to UFO investigations at times.
In an effort to set the record straight, Jesse Marcel, Jr. has written his own book on his father and the family's Roswell experience, called The Roswell Legacy.  He admits that he is obviously biased, just as anyone would be writing about their own father.  Nevertheless, I find Jesse Marcel, Jr. to be a credible man.  His military experience and his scientific training are extensive and still he cannot find a way to account for what he held in his hands that July night in 1947.  It was not from a weather balloon and it sure as blazes wasn't from "Project Mogul" like the Air Force says.  Just what it was, be it earthly or alien, is still open for debate.  Jesse Marcel, Jr. is just adding another perspective on the deliberations...and it is a perspective that no one else can offer.

The Roswell Legacy is available on Amazon.

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  1. One more important distinction that Marcel made in the Paranormal Podcast interview was on the difference between the material he examined and the foil from both weather balloons and Project Mogul. The latter foils had a paper backing. The Roswell debris did not. More and more, the Project Mogul excuse just doesn't add up.


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