Monday, March 14, 2011

Get your a** to Mars

Today was a day that made me hope I'm living in The Matrix.  At least then I could blame it on the system's mastermind having a sick sense of humor.  
I suppose if I were one of the "matrix believers," I might say that there are many examples to point to.  The recent tragedy in Japan is quickly becoming a study in "one-damn-thing-after-another."  Earthquake, then tsunami, then a probable and multiple nuclear meltdowns.  Oh and now there's snow in the forecast.  A glitch in the system or someone's test simulation of how much one nation can take would assign a reason to a series of events that have their root in just plain ol' random chaos.

Then there are the crazy things that we do to ourselves.  Feels like I've been seeing more and more of those in the past ten years as we divide against one another with increasing celerity.  Today on Facebook, John Shirley posted a tidy encapsulation of how average Americans view politics:

"The President is doing what Joe Schlobotnik wants, not what *I* want him to do!" rails Joe Blow. "The President WAS doing something *I* wanted him do, NOW he's doing something Joe Blow wants him to do!" cries Joe Schlobotnik. "This is a Democracy!" howls Joe Blow, as the Pres. does something to Betty Bip's liking. "Why isn't he doing what we ALL want at once! Yes we want different things--but he should find a way!"

Something as nonsensical as primate politics has to be a matrix generation.  It's the only way to look at it without having your head explode from the sheer inanity of human attitudes.  Ahhh, good times on planet Earth.

Screw it, let's go to Mars.  I've been reading a bit more about so-called artifacts and anomalies on the surface of that planet.  I'm not a believer of the theory that they are signs of a past alien civilization, but it is fun to think about.  Currently, I've been looking over posts on a blog by Aleksey Galan, a research engineer in the Ukraine that I came across.  I am intrigued by his demonstration of craters on Mars that are near-perfect circles.  In a few cases, as can be seen on the blog, they are connected by "chain craters" and near straight lines.   Galan theorizes that the chains (lines) may have been burned into the surface by a laser, perhaps even as the result of a war.
Well, let's just hope that when we start using lasers on each other, we have a version of Neo who can stop them as easily as he can bullets in The Matrix.

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  1. You know, if I could I would. Or even a colony on the moon would be very cool.

  2. Know what you mean. Even high orbit would work for me.


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