Tuesday, March 29, 2011

UFO flap in Colorado

Yesterday, Good Morning America did a two minute piece on recent UFO sightings over the town of Lafayette, Colorado.   The story was handled in the program's typically imbecilic manner: the intransigent gags, irrelevant allusions to E.T. and Close Encounters, and generally dumbing things down to the level of your average Parade magazine reader.
Ok, that's me bitching about the mass media.  On to the sightings.

It's triangles again.  This time, however, they are quite different from those seen over Belgium in 1990 and elsewhere in the world.  There are three points of light, but no solid ball of light in the center of the shape.  In fact, these Colorado sightings appear far more akin to the UFO wave that took place in Tinley Park, Illinois, just to the south of me. 
The story showed video and photographs of a few of the sightings.  Again we see three points of light, but they are spaced much further apart and forming odder angles than the infamous "black triangles" do.  In this case, as in Tinley Park, I believe we are dealing with three separate craft in formation as opposed to one large vehicle.  Witnesses describe the formation as hovering at times and completely silent.  One of them also stated that they felt an "energy" in the air while seeing the lights.  While this could be attributed psychologically to nerves or adrenalin, there are other witnesses who have reported feeling an electrostatic charge in the air while witnessing a UFO, almost as if the very air particles around them were being ionized. 
Lafayette, Colorado residents seem adamant that they did not see airplanes, satellites, or the like.  I think that is true.  But let's be frank, they likely did not see alien spacecraft, either.  In my humble assessment of the footage, I offer two explanations just off the top of my head:
First thought that came to me was a hoax/prank done with balloons and flares.  Schemes like these have been carried out effectively in New Jersey and in Arizona where my own friend Ahab was a witness.  Might balloons be tethered together into a tight triangle so as to prevent drifting and shifting?  Maybe.  
My other thought is experimental drone aircraft.  Our military is coming up with drone weapons systems left and right.  I don't think it's a far stretch to believe that they have drones capable of flying completely silent.  Someone asked me, "but why the triangle shape?"  Well, any three points are going to form a triangle, unless they're flying in a collinear configuration.  Perhaps it's a new drone system meant to operate in threes?  
Tough to say without more information, but I feel reasonably certain about one thing.  Colorado was not the first to see this type of flap...and they probably won't be the last.

If you can stomach it, watch the ABC piece here.

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