Saturday, March 5, 2011

Two UFO bits

Britain has released thousands more UFO documents.  The composition of the body of the release is pretty much what you would expect.  There is the explainable, such as a UFO hoax that brought the British Ministry of Defense to alert.  There is the kooky, such as the one Nick Pope tells of in the link above.  A man got drunk and swore he experienced missing time while a UFO hovered outside his house.  Turns out there was an airship in the sky that night, the night that clocks were scheduled to be turned back.
What was quite eyebrow-raising about the release was not what was said but the glaring omission that occurred.  Files on the subject of the Rendlesham Forest sightings of 1980 have either been destroyed or "lost."  Rather convenient.  The Rendlesham case is one of the best UFO sightings in terms of solid evidence.  Among the best not just in Britain, but in the whole of Ufology.  If you were the MoD and you were going to withhold evidence, that would be the case to exorcise from record.  While any release of information is a step in a positive direction, you'll have to forgive me if I don't hold me breath for anything truly groundbreaking to come down the official pike. 

Since cybernetics and The Singularity are frequent post topics of mine, I try to keep up with things by subscribing to an online newsletter from The Singularity Weblog.  The most recent edition features a very nice article from Nikki Olson on UFOs and technological singularity.  I've written several times before about how aliens...or whatever they are...that are advanced enough to travel vast distances or to merely perform the aerial feats witnessed must also be integrated somehow with technology.  It has even been proposed that the so-called Greys are more technological constructs than biomorphs.  Consider also that the visitors would more than likely be able to cloak themselves from our view, appearing before our eyes only when it suits them.  This could account for the numerous abductees who claimed to have seen Greys materialize through walls or out of thin air.
Olson recently attended The International UFO Conference.  There, she noticed a startling lack of discussion around the technological singularity.  This is truly surprising, given the reports of UFO witnesses.  Many, such as notable abductee Travis Walton, speak of absolutely no sound emanating from the sighted craft.  As Nikki Olson points out, modern hybrid cars have nearly silent engines compared to their gas-guzzling counterparts.  Extending our current technology down a longer timeline, it stands to reason that our propulsion would one day be as silent as a UFO's...if we make it that far.  As such, UFO tech is not so unbelievable after all.
This lack of discussion around technology in the UFO enthusiasts in attendance seems to speak largely to their age demographic, which Olson reported to be around 60 years old.
As for me, I nearly leaped out of my chair when I saw the headline for her article.  Finally there is someone giving this subject the exploration that it needs.  Without consideration given to the technological singularity, I believe it will be far more difficult to ascertain the source of the UFO phenomenon, whether it be alien, extradimensional...or perhaps even out of our own heads.

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