Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hodge Podge

I am operating at a serious coffee deficiency.  The coffeemaker at work is on the fritz  and seeing as how I'm not well acquainted with machines from 1963, I must go without.  As if navigating my lugubrious, Kafka-esque day job wasn't difficult enough.  Doing so without coffee is nigh inhumane.
I'm on a diet.  Trying to shed that creamy, flabby armor that has grown on my midsection.  Meals now mainly consist of salads with perhaps a pasta dish or maybe french fries if I'm feeling particularly scandalous.  Sunday is my "diet cheat day."  That's when you reserve one day for all the unhealthy victuals you've had to shun throughout the rest of the week.  This way, you don't feel deprived.  Still, it's tough.  Nutrition is such an odd concept.  You would think that the healthiest of foods, such as broccoli and spinach, would naturally taste more like bacon and mozzarella sticks so we would have incentive to eat them.  Sort of like how that mass of nerve endings on our genitalia is there to encourage us to have sex and reproduce.  Might be an argument against Intelligent Design.  Oh yeah, working out sucks too.

There is something to be said about all that you've just read and I think that Duran Duran say it best: "Here beside the news of holy war and holy need, ours is just a little sour talk."  Ain't that the truth?  I need only switch over to CNN.com and see the continual news coming out of Japan.  License to whine revoked.  What is worse?  To have everything and suffer such catastrophic loss or to be trapped in perpetual stasis, merely existing?  I suppose one must experience both to know. 

I listened to NPR on the way home yesterday like I always do.  There was a scientist who argued for a "rock, paper, scissors" view of biodiversity.  In an ecosystem, one superior organism should logically wipe an inferior one out.  Yet this seldom happens in nature.  This man argued that it is because there is almost always a third, or several more, organisms in the picture to provide counterbalance.  The rock organism can dominate the scissors animal, but is helpless against the paper and then so on down the line.

In closing, I leave you with today's Luis Royo pinup girl:

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