Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oswego UFO--the ongoing investigation

The above photo is the property of Brandon Tudor and is used with permission.

Despite what you might think, I have never seen a UFO.  At least not that I know of.  So when a local newspaper ran a story about a UFO sighting a literal minute down the road from where I live, I took notice.  
The follow-up article to the one I linked above was written by Denise Crosby of the Aurora Beacon-News.  I have worked with her in the past on various stories and decided to contact her.  Once gaining the witness' permission, she provided me with his contact information.  I called him yesterday for an interview.

Brandon Tudor was dropping off his daughter in the Lakewood Creek subdivision off of Route 30 in Montgomery/Oswego.  In the sky to the west, he noticed a fireball streaming an inky-black contrail in its wake.  As the object descended at a 45 degree angle, the flame extinguished, leaving a dark object in its stead.  The object then rose to a 30 degree angle and disappeared.  Shortly thereafter, two jets arrived in the sky and circled the area where the object was last seen.  I asked Mr. Tudor if he could identify the aircraft as military jets, but he was uncertain.  Given the maneuverability required for an aircraft to turn around and circle on short order, I would venture to guess that they had to be fighter jets of one sort or another.  Additionally, when you take into account the behavior of the witnessed object, a meteor seems unlikely as an explanation.  Likewise, I've never seen a falling meteor leave such a thick, black contrail.
I also don't believe this sighting to be the work of aliens.  If it is, then it is disheartening to learn that aliens use chemical propulsion systems that leave polluting black smoke behind them just as we do.  Not to mention the fact that the contrail is incongruous with those UFO sightings that harbor the potential to be alien in origin.
So what exactly did Brandon Tudor see?
Mr. Tudor has commenced an investigation of the matter on his own.  He has approached organizations that test rockets.  They replied that they do not test in winter.  A culling of websites that deal with the re-entry of space junk yielded no reports of debris falling through the atmosphere at that time or location.  Brandon has also posted a description of the incident on .  
"I've had quite a few people contact me," he told me yesterday, shocked by the response that his sighting has generated.
One response has been from a man claiming to be a security guard at Fermilab.  Brandon was not able to provide the man's name as that would result in serious disciplinary action for the guard.  Such is the downfall of investigations of this kind.  Nature of the beast.
Fermilab is an atomic energy research facility located in Batavia, Illinois, less than half an hour from the location on Route 30 where the sighting took place.  It is home to a large nuclear cyclotron.  The aforementioned security guard told Brandon that for months now, they have been witnessing lights rise out of the vast grands of the research center.  When said lights have been reported, the response from management has been, "Oh that.  We've got that under control."  Electromagnetic countermeasures have been taken to assure that cellphones are inoperable within Fermilab during the times that these aerial objects are visible.  

There is yet another interesting facet to Brandon Tudor's sighting.  For a moment, Brandon suspected that the object he witnessed would crash to the ground and result in an explosion.  It did not, obviously, but someone reported that in the direction that aerial object was last seen, strange happenings commenced on the ground.  In the town of Rollo, Illinois, an anonymous source reported that a number of military and police vehicles shut down Sudyam Road and said personnel began to search through a nearby woods for something.  Denise Crosby contacted the DeKalb County Sheriff about this and he denied any such activity.  Ditto for the folks at Fermilab.

Still, if a clandestine test were ongoing in the skies above the Chicago suburbs, what else would any official say about it?  And I believe that is indeed what Brandon Tudor witnessed: a top-secret test of an as yet unknown aircraft system.  While more sensational than a meteor and less exciting than aliens, the notion of a such a test carries larger consequences.  Even if it is not an action pernicious in nature, just what is our military doing testing a weapons system over such a populated area as metropolitan Chicago?  Why is this not going on at the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada near Area 51?  I thought that's why taxpayers foot the bill for such a sophisticated installation?
One longshot explanation might be that it is a test of technology similar to that of the stealth fighter and bomber.  Before its existence was made public, the F-117 was rumored to have been flown into the airspace near New York City to see if it would be detected.  It passed.  Is another such test going on near Chicago?  With all that black smoke spewing out behind it, the test object wouldn't seem so stealthy.

Brandon Tudor has further plans for his investigation.  I will not reveal them here so that "the powers that be" will have less of a chance to hamper him.  Let's just say that I doubt this is the last time that I will post on this matter.

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  1. Dude! I've totally got a thing for Tasha Yar. You've got to introduce me.

  2. Saddest thing is, it actually took me a few minutes to determine what the hell you were talking about.

  3. Interestingly, Fermilab just announced a (possibly) huge breakthrough. Coincidence? I think not.

  4. The timing does seem suspicious.

  5. Have you talked to Brandon lately? What does he think about the Fermilab connection?

  6. No, I haven't yet. Last I heard, Brandon was going to do an evening "stakeout" and watch the skies over FermiLab. No news as of yet.


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