Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Robot name generator

Been playing around with those cutesy, random name generators that are ubiquitous these days.  The one I have been on most has been the Giant Robot Name Generator.
The page owner describes the app like this:

"After hours upon hours of feverish research, I have determined that most Japanese giant robot names follow basically the same pattern--three syllables with an optional prefix or suffix thrown on for interest. With this simple PHP script, now you too can randomly generate a proper super or real robot name. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to see how else I can ensure that no girl will ever come near me again."
My kind of guy.  Thinking that it might help me decide on a flashier name than "Jondroid" for when I merge into a robotic body, I gave it try.
The page allows you to select what form of robot you wish to be: super, real, or awesome.  With an option like "awesome," I can't imagine wanting to select anything else.  Nevertheless, I gave the generator a try on each setting.  I embarked upon my cybernetic journey with the selector set to "real."  Here were my choices:

Mechanical Robot Dalkew
Inviolable Battler Gelgern
Armored Frame Grungern
Guard Frame Tekgern
Resistant Suit Zolgern

Hmmm.  "Resistant Suit."  Has a ring to it, eh?  Then again, "Mechanical Robot" is more of a direct concept that Joe Six-Pack would best understand should I need to make an introduction of myself.  Let's try "super:"

Valgaision X
Gaogergar V
Steel Raidangern
Chougaozam the Brave
Iron Comgaigern

Meh.  Not really impressed with any of those.  And I need to be.  When my consciousness is uploaded, I don't want it going into anything that I can't pronounce...or not know the meaning to.  Well no use beating around the proverbial bush anymore.  Set selector switch to "AWESOME:"

Steel Gaidanlant
Hulking Gairyugern Robo
Gaoryumos V

Those are no good, either.  In fact, I think calling them "awesome" is overstating things by a bit.  One more Hail Mary generation:

Robotic Battler Gonhawk

I have to say, that's my front-runner at this moment.  Of course, that's certainly subject to change.  Try the generator out yourself and let me know your name(s). 


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  1. Mine is GoddamGern
    I like it.

  2. This is cool, but the Wu Tang Clan name generator is better.


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