Thursday, July 4, 2013

An open letter to Duran Duran

UPDATED ON 9/30/2013

Dear Simon, Nick, John, and Roger:

While listening to the Duran Duran special on Total Radio UK hosted by Tracey Whitney, inspiration struck me!  I was once more host to a grand idea that I hope will take root in you as well.

A few years back, I read the unauthorized biography, Notorious by Steve Malins.  I was appalled by the myriad and egregious errors contained in that book.  Perhaps they were minor errors in the scheme of things, e.g. asserting that Nick became a vegetarian in 1997, but they indicated a lack of respect for both the band and their fans.
Inspired, I approached Wendy Laister to offer myself as the writer for your official biography, a book that would get the story right.  She sent me back the nicest rejection letter I have ever received.  I'm serious, I still have it as a reminder that there are nice people in the business.  Wendy told me that a book was in the works but that another writer was attached to the project.  A few years have gone by and that book has not yet surfaced.  Therefore, I wish to offer myself once more as your official biographer.

Why me?  Well, here are a few reasons:

1. I am a fan. I have loved you guys for over 30 years.  Therefore, I am passionately invested in getting the best quality book out there for both you and the fans.  And while I am interested in telling your story honestly and accurately, I would never write anything that would reflect poorly on the band.  I would sooner throw myself on a live hand grenade than ever do anything to put Duran Duran in a bad light.

2. I have a vision.  Duran Duran have never produced anything that is bland and normal.  The book should be no exception.  Rather than a run-of-the-mill bio told in linear fashion, I am thinking that the story could be rendered in a creative, out of sequence narrative that hooks onto one common theme to make the whole piece cohesive, maybe a tour or the band otherwise playing live.  Since you're such a visual band, there should be plenty of pictures along with perhaps "spoken word" pieces from each band member.  I'm thinking of something akin to what you had in the program for the 1987 Strange Behaviour tour.

3. I work cheap.  Honestly, working with you to write this book would be a dream come true and a reward in and of itself.  I would ask only for living and travel expenses as compensation.  That is less than most any other writer would ask for.

4. I'm damn good at what I do.  Forget that I'm published or that I teach writing at an American college.  Search through this blog and see my writing style for yourself.  I have a unique voice, I am knowledgeable of my subject matter, and I deliver quality text.  You may wish to pay special attention to my posts The Transhuman Art of Duran Duran and New World Order on Monday. 

I deeply wish to bring my writing abilities to work for you and to get the proper Duran story told.  Not simply for the sake of the band but also because I believe that is what fans deserve.
I humbly submit this post for your consideration.

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