Monday, July 29, 2013

The true(?) nature of UFOs

Wheels in the sky.  Mystery airships.  Ghost rockets.  Foo fighters.  Flying saucers.  Black triangles.

Over history, the shape of UFO encounters has changed.  Seemingly keeping apace with our perceptions as Jacques Vallee has voiced.

Chimeras.  Angels.  Gnomes.  Space brothers.  Greys.  Reptoids.

The purported occupants of these UFO craft have changed over time as well.

In extending my mediation on last Friday's post, something occurred to me.  We're talking about the idea of alien spacecraft that are so sophisticated that they can self-replicate and keep themselves invisible.  This may indicate that an advanced civilization has already undergone its own Singularity, merging themselves with their technology.  As humanity is on the cusp of transhumanism, does that mean our perceptions of UFOs is about to change once more?  Are there going to be more and more reports of "cyborg" style beings, reflecting our own existence but more advanced?  "Techno aliens" so to speak?

This line of thought suggests something else to me.  I'm far from the first one to think about it for as I said, Vallee and of course John Keel were there decades before me (and anyone else for that matter.)  What I mean is...

I'm really going to have to let go of the idea that UFOs, the authentic ones anyway, are piloted by beings from another planet.  Instead, we are dealing with a manifestation of an entirely different, perhaps even immaterial sort that I am only now trying to get my head around.  If you think you've read things like this from me before, you're right.  If you haven't, here's a quick rundown of what I mean.

It may be a living force that modifies and adjusts itself to our own perceptions and understanding through coaptation of the current era's thoughts.  It may be purely psychological, meaning we bring them into existence via our own thoughts.  There is one more and admittedly unsettling thought that I've only begun to consider: UFOs are a programmed routine.

Theories about us living in a simulated universe have arisen in recent years, no doubt partly due to the popularity of the Matrix films.  Like most speculative notions of this ilk, I went through my typical stages of thought with it.  From "no way that can be true" to "I suppose it is deserving of examination" and finally to "damn, they might have a point." 

The UFO phenomenon may be a projection, a "test pattern" run before us by advanced beings to determine...I don't know what.  These animations are altered as we evolve in order for us to simultaneously understand and be awed by their manifestations.  I'm not ready to fully embrace the idea that we live in a computer simulation...mostly because it weirds me out more than the idea of ETs...but it bears full examination.

There, I'm done free-form speculating.  You've suffered enough.

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