Friday, July 26, 2013

Are invisible UFOs nearby?

I will admit, it is a concept I have considered.

A team of Scottish mathematicians have postulated that UFO craft may already be in our solar system, traveling undetected.

Not only that, but an entire fleet of them could be present.  Using math that I don't even pretend to understand (it was never my best discipline but if you want to take a crack at it, click the link), the mathematicians demonstrated that a civilization could launch un-crewed probes to the far corners of the galaxy by "slingshotting" them around a star for extra speed.  It's a fact.  We even did it with our own Voyager probes to send them on a trajectory out of the solar system.  That was with our Sun, a mid-sized star.  Greater speed would come from the gravitational assist of a giant star.

Using this method, an alien probe would only need to travel at 10% the speed of light to cover some distance.  But the researchers toss in another angle to the theory.  Assuming the alien civilization was more technologically advanced than our own, these probes could be self-replicating.  This means that they would take in particles of dust and gas from space to either repair or build new versions of themselves.  Between that function and the slingshot effect, this would allow the spacecraft to travel cyclopean distances.

If this is true, then where are they?  Why haven't we seen them?  Well, there are two thoughts on that question.  For one thing, the mathematicians mentioned here believe...and logically so...that if the probes' creators are technologically advanced enough to endow the machines with the ability to self-replicate, then they are likely able to make the probes invisible.  This means unseen to both our detection systems and to our own eyes.  It's not that far out.  We can render aircraft nearly invisible to current radar systems.  Shouldn't be too tough for a more advanced civilization to take it the rest of the way.  

Another thought I had was that we have seen them.  The maneuvers of many UFOs are said to be such that "no living pilot could survive the g-forces" of such speeds and and sharp turns.  Maybe that's because there's nobody on board.  They are the remote probes of which we speak.  This would also dovetail with the behavior noted in certain sightings, acting as if the craft were sampling, observing, or otherwise taking information from Earth and its inhabitants.  Think about it.  It's how we operate, sending remote probes out into our solar system and beyond.  Why wouldn't someone else do it?

I'm going to give this more thought, hopefully have more coherent reflection for you after the weekend.

Yes, I really do think about this stuff on my off time.  I'm that kind of a guy.  :\

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